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Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 1/10/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 10,21 @FoxNews  @SundayFutures 

"... as well as Sunday morning on Maria Bartiromo's show. All three hosts, who use their platforms to air pro-Trump PROPAGANDA, are close with the President." (3/3)

Mediaite has learned that the same fact check will be airing on Jeanine Pirro’s show Saturday night and Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show on Sunday.

@richardmarx  @luvredsox13Debunking  package airing “Friday night on Lou Dobbs' show...Saturday night on Jeanine Pirro's program as well as Sunday morning on Maria Bartiromo's show.” , #Dobbs  #Pirro & #Bartiromouse  their platforms to air pro-Trump . #propaganda  The hosts are “close” with . #DonTheCon 

The harmful embarrassment that played out on “Sunday Morning Futures” raises a question, @ErikWemple  writes: Why is Maria Bartiromo so blind to reality?

Sunday morning was a moment that will long be remembered as a low point — for Fox News and especially for Maria Bartiromo, a once-respected journalist who can no longer be taken seriously.

The FBI and the Justice Department might be “involved” in a so-far unsubstantiated scheme to removed him from office, President Donald Trump said Sunday in an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. From The New York Times:

Trump vented to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning during his first post-election television interview while baselessly suggesting his own FBI and DOJ e were “involved” with a “rigged” election against him

On Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures, President Donald Trump spread conspiracy theories about rigged Dominion voting machines, mail-in voting, and Georgia election officials.

Fox News host Eric Shawn on Sunday debunked election disinformation that Trump shared on Maria Bartiromo's show hours earlier.


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Trump to give first post-2020 election interview to Fox's Maria Bartiromo Sunday

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CNN has been beating Fox every day in the key 25-54 demo. But Fox was able to win one hour on Sunday: When Maria Bartiromo pushed voter fraud fictions and featured Trump lawyers like Rudy Giuliani. The B.S. claims made reporters at Fox cringe… but the Fox base wanted to hear it.

The downside of pretaping an interview: Fox's Maria Bartiromo has a big interview with A.G. Bill Barr on her Sunday morning show, but the sit-down was already taped, so it won't cover the new SDNY crisis

How Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo Scored Another Ratings Win for ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ @SundayFutures ⁩ @FoxNews ⁩ @MorningsMaria ⁩ @FoxBusiness ⁩

Trump claims to Maria Bartiromo that he merely was answering questions about McCain. In fact, he inserted McCain in his tweetstorm on Sunday. No one had asked.

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. President Trump speaks out on replacing Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court, the U.S. economy and trade deals in part 1 of his interview with Maria Bartiromo on 'Sunday Morning Futures.'