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Marco Rubio will likely help Democrats pass $2,000 stimulus checks

Democrats pushed for digital-native sites to be included in new PPP eligibility provisions for print and TV outlets. Marco Rubio, who has said nice things about saving journalism jobs, has given no reason for excluding digital

Marco Rubio backs Trump, Democrats' push for $2,000 stimulus checks

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If Democrats take back the Senate, some Republicans fear a radical takeover of government. Yet Senate Democrats are far from united behind the ideas mentioned by Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

Marco Rubio Sends Biden and the Democrats to the Burn Ward During Florida Trump Rally

Marco Rubio Sends Biden and the Democrats to the Burn Ward During Florida Trump Rally

Marco Rubio sees the federal Paycheck Protection Program, that helped thousands of small business survive the early days of the pandemic, as the key to bringing Democrats and Republicans together.

Marco Rubio says Democrats want to hurt Trump more than they want Covid relief

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China will sanction 11 Americans, including Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, in retaliation for restrictions imposed by Trump on Hong Kong officials What an honor for those being sanctioned. But why aren't any prominent Democrats on this list?

Marco Rubio and Democrats can agree on one thing: stimulus cash for mixed-status families


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Tune in as I guest host Tucker Carlson Tonight. Tucker will call in from vacation to discuss the Antifa attack for the first time. Also, Marco Rubio will call in to talk about why he thinks Democrats are trying to steal a senate seat and governorship in Florida.

“Like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton before them, House Democrats will lose any contest with Trump so long as they are unwilling to sustain political damage in the act of inflicting more damage to him.”

Marco Rubio Warns Democrats Are About to Steal the Florida Senate and Governor’s Race

inbox: Marco Rubio's campaign sends fundraising appeal decrying "Democrats' extremism." Subject line: "It will only get worse."

Marco Rubio: "The president's going to be the nominee for the Republican Party [in 2020].... The Democrats will nominate somebody, and I think the president will win."

In tonight’s Last Word reminds us that way before Trump was calling Democrats “con artists,” Marco Rubio was calling him one. #lastword  #msnbc 

It's extremely nourishing and cool to see Marco Rubio getting wrecked by local teens and parents but also shout out to Florida Democrats for nominating the Moderate Yacht Dipshits that he easily defeats every six years.

Marco Rubio: “Democrats have the ultimate SuperPAC, it's called the mainstream media."

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This Marco Rubio on stage tonight strikes the most fear in Democrats re: a general election. #CNNDebate