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Virginia’s ‘March for Life’ rally expected to draw thousands to downtown Richmond today. #MarchForLife 

Abortion, the high crime every impeachment manager promotes. @March_for_Life  @LiveAction  @LilaGraceRose 

The Examiner took to the streets at @March_for_Life 's historic 2020 rally.

ABC gives 15 seconds to 'anti-abortion rights' rally #MarchforLife  while CBS, NBC ignore

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Thank you to the marchers from #OH05  that came to Washington today to stand up for life! #whywemarch  #marchforlife 

Trump is the first president to attend the annual #MarchForLife  rally.


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The #MarchForLife  is so important. To all of you marching --- you have my full support!

WOW! Watch this AMAZING time lapse video of the March for Life! #MarchForLife  #prolife 

Live view of the #MarchForLife  making their way from the National Mall to the Supreme Court

AMAZING: Thousands and thousands of people are standing against abortion at the #MarchForLife 

We march for the marginalized. We march for the voiceless. We march for the unborn. #MarchForLife 

A common #MarchForLife  sign: "I regret my abortion." But regretting a decision doesn't mean others shouldn't have the right to make one.