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The search operation in the historic Mar Mikhail district has gripped Beirut one month after a deadly explosion ripped through the city.

A specialist sensor device detected a pulse beneath a levelled building between the hard-hit Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikhail districts

In more recent times, Mar Mikhail has been gentrified to become the heart of Beirut's cultural life, bustling with young crowds frequenting its galleries, restaurants and bars. #BeirutExplosion 

Beirut blasts: 'State, what state?' Lebanese together in solidarity and rage The explosion blew all the windows and doors off Mar Mikhail's pubs, restaurants and homes #beirutblast 

"We're trying to fix this country. We've been trying to fix it for 9 months but now we're going to do it our way," said 42-year-old Melissa Fadlallah, a volunteer cleaning up the hard-hit Mar Mikhail district of the Lebanese capital. READ:

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Heritage buildings, trendy bars and hip art galleries, all gutted: the vibrant Mar Mikhail district, once one of Beirut's gems, is now a wasteland of broken glass and destroyed cars

One of my old apartments in Mar Mikhail. Probably would’ve been bickering with @hadeelalsh  in the living room and rightfully knocked over when the blast hit. Poor Beirut

Mar Mikhail, Beirut's hipster paradise, was a very different place 9 years ago. I had ongoing feuds with several stray dog packs. I think I was even in one for a short time.

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