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Pressure on China’s manufacturing sector fell in June as coronavirus impact eased

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has described the coronavirus as a “little flu,” accused the media of manufacturing “hysteria,” and railed against lockdowns, @UriLF  reported in March. On Tuesday, he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Destileria Limtuaco CEO Olivia Limpe-Aw: Manufacturing alcoholic drinks and sanitizer 50-50 right now; we may keep disinfectant alcohol business - it’s good. | via @michelle_d_ong  #MEWCY 

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"Equity is a very big concern. . . When we do get a vaccine, it is possible that India will be involved in manufacturing and distributing it. But will it be available to everyone within the country?" - Harvard Chan's @vishplus  on #India  and #COVID19 .

Haryana: Pickle manufacturers in Panipat say their businesses have been affected due to #COVID19 . Owner of a pickle manufacturing unit says,"We are facing labour shortage & transportation problem. We have faced huge loss in last few months. Export of pickle has also stopped"

U.S. Customs officials have been monitoring China’s Xinjiang region for 18 months and plan to continue investigating manufacturing processes that are suspected of producing goods made with forced labor.

The company also said it would cut about 700 positions, or roughly 15 percent of its workforce, in non-retail, non-manufacturing segments that would help it save $100 million annually.

When the coronavirus hit, Finger Lakes Textiles started manufacturing face masks.

America’s great racial reckoning comes to the auto industry as black Ford employees call for end of cop car manufacturing

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Advent Tool & Manufacturing Inc., a manufacturer of high-precision tooling products, said Wednesday it will move its headquarters from Antioch, Illinois, to Salem Lakes in Kenosha County.​


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@GerberKawasaki  @thirdrowteslaFrankly , this is the final straw. Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately. If we even retain Fremontmanufacturing activity at all, it will be dependen on how Tesla is treated in the future. Tesla is the last carmaker left in CA.

From Bush 1 to present, our Country has lost more than 55,000 factories, 6,000,000 manufacturing jobs and accumulated Trade Deficits of more than 12 Trillion Dollars. Last year we had a Trade Deficit of almost 800 Billion Dollars. Bad Policies & Leadership. Must WIN again! #MAGA 

Coronavirus is the intersection of 3 issues @realDonaldTrump  has been right about all along: border control, Americanmanufacturing, China hawk. Boom, boom, boom. Proven right again! While Dems were outraged about him shutting down air travel from there he was right there too.

The way ahead lies in LOCAL. manufacturing'>Local Manufacturing. Local Markets. Local Supply Chain. Local is not merely a need but a responsibility. Be vocal about local! #AatmanirbharBharat 

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

President @realDonaldTrump  has negotiated better trade deals that brought back American jobs and American manufacturing. Promise Made, Promise Kept US

The coronavirus outbreak shows how important it is for us to keep our borders secure. It's also why @realDonaldTrump  is right to want a trade policy focused on increasing Americanmanufacturing. He understands that it's dangerous for our economy to be beholden to China!

Today I opened a major manufacturing'>Apple Manufacturing plant in Texas that will bring high paying jobs back to America. Today Nancy Pelosi closed Congress because she doesn’t care about American Workers!

@NancyPelosi  is counting impeachment votes. Here’s what President Trump is counting: -266k new jobs -54k in manufacturing -Unemployment at 50 yr low -Wages up 3% Less taxes and regulation, more freedom for you and your family. Get gov’t out of the way, and the economy booms.

Stock Market hits an ALL-TIME high! Unemployment lowest in 16 years! Business and manufacturing enthusiasm at highest level in decades!