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BIG NEWS DAY! (Full video on Instagram and facebook) I can finally discuss further the book I’ve been working on. Title: The Devil You Know: A manifesto'>Black Power ManifestoPublisher: Harper Collins Pub date: Feb. 2, 2021 It’s all about power… #TheDevilYouKnow 

#GE2020 : Reform Party leader Kenneth Jeyaretnam says his party's manifesto is about refocusing Singapore's economy on the welfare of its citizens. Listen to our podcast:

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Bringing back ‘fear and love of God’ is at heart of Kanye West’s bonkers 2020 presidential manifesto@kanyewest 

🗣 Everything within our manifesto was costed at the time. 🎙 Could you remind us? 🗣 Sorry I can't today, no. @Emmabarnett  asks @RachaelMaskell  how Labour would fund the removal of all hospital parking charges 📻 Listen on @BBCSounds  -

PM says they will deliver on manifesto commitment for free parking for patients (not NHS workers though) #pmqs 

Govt makes green pledge of £3bn to cut CO2 emissions. It was £9.5bn in their election manifesto. France pledges €13.5bn . Germany pledges €36bn. UK talks about leadership on run-up to the COP summit next year.

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desperate for a behind-the-scenes investigative feature on the group email that eventually ballooned into this Pundits' Manifesto for No One

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Jim Carrey feels a little too fine: My interview with the movie madman and novelist Dana Vachon, as they release their new autobiography-slash-manifesto-slash-whatchamacallit Memoirs and Misinformation.


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Candace Owens@RedPillBlack ) to @kathleen_belew : "The audacity of you to bring up the Christchurch shooting manifesto and make it seem as if I laughed at people that were slaughtered by a homicidal maniac is in my opinion absolutely despicable. More:

Oh look, the El Paso shooter's manifesto is out on audiobook

Oh my god Lord Buckethead’s political manifesto I’m screaming

The #ElPaso  shooter wrote a manifesto that talked about his hatred for Hispanics. So when you ask “where was he radicalized”, look no further than the words coming out of the mouth (and cesspool of a twitter feed) of the current occupant of the White House.

The manifesto of mistruths presented in page after page of the address tonight should be a call to action for everyone who expects truth from the President and policies worthy of his office and the American people. #SOTU 

The shooters manifesto includes “send them back” and “fake news”. Any Republican patriots in Congress who will speak up now? Ask the President to stop the talk that divides us? Anyone?

Do not share the shooter's name. Do not share the shooter's evil video. Do not share the shooter's evil manifesto. Mass killers desire fame and attention. Starve them of it.

I get that it's a bad idea to republish the El Paso shooter's manifesto because you are spreading his propaganda. But I think it's also a bad idea to ignore that much of his manifesto is ripped directly from Trump's Twitter feed

I don’t want to hear any talk abt this man being insane. He posted his manifesto just 20 mins bf walking into the store, but he had driven 9hrs. He probably did it in the parking lot. He knew posting too soon would give ppl time to stop him. He’s not crazy; he’s methodical.

Dear , you asked for ideas so I've sent you our manifesto. I hope it helps to “clarify and improve” your policies #ForTheMany