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On this day 26 October 1995, Fathi Shaqaqi was shot six times in front of the Diplomat Hotel in Sliema, Malta by two Mossad agents. He was on his way back from Tripoli after visiting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. I talked to him a few years before in #Tehran  #Iran .

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I finally figured out how to take screenshots in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Here I am revving up on Malta.

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Congratulations ❗️ Most of you answered correctly 🥳 🤩 The correct answer is: Kriti/Crete GR (96.0%). Other options: HovedstadenDK (56.6%) MaltaMT (95.8%) BucureştiIlfovRO (59.0%) ➡️ You can read more about this topic here:

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Saratoga Springs domestic violence agency to move to Malta and expand services

Holidays: #Malta  requires Britons from parts of the UK to submit negative #COVID19  test

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The only place in the E.U. that has a more restrictive abortions regime than Poland is Malta. In Poland, a woman can get an abortion if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. In Malta, there is no legal route to abortions.

What do Malta and Palau have in common as US security partners? See what @EsperDoD  had to say here in @ACScowcroft 's #ACFrontPage  event:


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Safest countries for women, based on % of female pop. that have been a victim of serious crimes in past year 1 Australia 2 Malta 3 Iceland 4 New Zealand 5 Canada 6 Poland 7 Monaco 8 Israel (nowhere else in Mideast is close) 9 US 10 S Korea (New World Wealth)

Starting the shooting schedule of #Bharat  in Malta, lovely country .

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CNN: Parnas lawyer says Devin Nunes was in Vienna meeting Shokin. Dems: Investigate! Now! Nunes: Actually, I was in Libya and Malta. You want pictures? Plus, I've never met, spoken to, or communicated with Shokin.

Throwback to when Linkin Park's Numb was played instead of Malta's anthem ??

"Not only was I not in Vienna, I actually have pictures of myself in Benghazi, Libya ... in Malta with the remains of an Army Air Corps soldier from World War II that we were loading into a plane." @DevinNunes  refutes at @CNN  reports.

21st century Europe: Execution in Malta of activist exposing tax cheats. Racism triumphing in Austria. And political arrests in Catalonia.

The U.S. recognizes and appreciates Malta & countries across the world that are standing up to a ruthless dictator by prohibiting military flights and vessels from bringing military equipment and foreign security and intelligence forces to prop up Maduro.

A boat carrying 60 Guinean, Palestinian and Syrian refugees arrived in Barcelona, Spain after it was denied safe harbor by both Italy and Malta.

Journalist who exposed Malta's links to offshore tax havens in Panama Papers scandal killed by car bomb.

Whichever party is in office, Malta could be used by dubious interests as a private back door into the EU