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The vast majority of people showing up at the Johnson County Board of Commissioners emergency meeting Thursday for public comment were against a mask mandate, including one man who brought a shark mask "to show the pointlessness of masks."

Young people make up majority of new coronavirus cases in Sacramento County

Stores experiencing majority of people complying with mandatory face coverings in Jefferson County

The majority of Palm Beach County parents and school district staff members want to delay the start of the upcoming school year, according to the results of a widespread new survey.

Majority of LA County restaurants not following all the health and safety protocols to slow the spread of #coronavirus , officials say

POLL: Should masks be mandated in ALL Tennessee counties? Some residents have reached out to their county urging for a mask mandate - only to find out that a majority of county officials don't have that authority:

I honestly don't think she would have won if it was just the two of them. I watched the way she was given way more media attention over him. His came later in the game. And all of the poll closings 3700 to only 200. but 1 in a majority black county. Dems benefit too.

The state side of the Otero County Prison holds the majority of the inmates who have tested positive, with 427 cases among 539 inmates.

During today's White House Coronavirus TaskForce Briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the majority of people getting infected now are young and that's the case here locally in Elkhart County.

Majority on O.C. School Board talk against masks, social distancing for next school year – Orange County Register


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**Tackling the nursing home situation is the single most important thing we can do to save American lives.** Important new data: PA now posting county-by-county deaths, breaking out nursing homes. A majority of PA deaths -- 52% -- are in nursing homes.

STATISTIC: 1. Dallas County has the most #coronavirus  cases in Texas. 2. And the majority of infections are in people ages 18-40. @DallasMayor  Eric@JohnsonForTexas  has an emphatic message for them.

Officials Defend Plan To Close Almost All Polling Places In Majority Black Georgia CountyLocal officials say they need to close seven polling places because they aren’t accessible to people with disabilities. The ACLU says that doesn’t make sense.

BREAKING: Officials scrap plan to cut most polling places in majority black Georgia county amid allegations of discrimination

2. Because in Georgia during 2018 midterms: 50,000+ voter registration applications were held up 4,000+ absente ballot request forms were lost in DeKalb County (a majority Black county) 500,000+ voters were purged from the voter roles

1/ Gerrymandering has backfired for Republicans in Dallas County. Republicans had hoped to keep a majority of Texas House seats there when they redrew district boundaries. Now, they hold onto only two of 14. #Midterms2018  #Election2018  #txlege 

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It’s a horrific tragedy. To answer you, like the majority of good folks, I’m barred from carrying in Illinois due to their gun control laws (no reciprocity) and the weapon the murderer reportedly used is already banned in the county in which he used it. What do you suggest?

The men and women of law enforcement put their lives on the line every single day to keep us safe. That’s why I’m humbled and honored to have the support of a majority of Texas county sheriffs:   #TXSen 

A Georgia board of elections voted down a plan to close seven of a majority-black county's nine polling places ahead of November's midterm elections. The meeting where the vote took place lasted less than 60 seconds.