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Brett Kavanaugh has made it crystal clear, he’ll be a threat to reproductive rights for decades. Senator Collins cast the deciding vote for Kavanaugh and Mainers are fired up to vote her out in November. #MESen  #MEPolitics 

In a summer when Mainers are bustling to get outside, wilderness camping sites are filling up.

Susan Collins voted for every single one of Trump's judicial nominees in 2017 and 2018. While Collins' campaign coffers have been flooded with checks from Kavanaugh supporters, Mainers won’t forget about her record. #MESen 

For thousands of unemployed Mainers, the system isn’t working. @randybillings  with a special report.

@SaraGideonME  remained silent for SIX MONTHS while knowing about allegations that one of her Democrat lawmakers had been preying on underage girls. Mainers deserve someone who will protect them, not their political part #MESen  #mepolitics 

@Sweet4Governor  offers Mainers a genuine progressive alternative to Susan Collins. I hope they choose her for their Democratic Senate nominee next week!Offering people Medicare4All, a Green New Deal, etc is the way to win! Betsy is a wonderful woman and a wonderful candidate.

Even in a pandemic the regenerative power of democracy is alive. Today new Mainers took their oath of citizenship in a @CityofSoPo  parking lot. This naturalization ceremony may not look like others, but like America itself it was adaptive, beautiful and inspiring. Congrats! US

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It’s clear that Mainers are taking note of Senator Susan Collins’ missteps. Chip in now to help @SaraGideonME  win in November: #MESen 

The sounds of chainsaws filled the air in Raymond and other communities Thursday, as Mainers cleaned up from our latest round of severe weather:

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BREAKING: MoveOn launches new TV ad calling on frustrated Mainers to vote out @SenatorCollins  after her disgraceful impeachment vote WATCH:

UPDATE–As of 4PM today, 1,816 Maine employers will receive $510,891,620 in Paycheck Protection Plan loans. These forgivable loans will help keep paychecks coming for tens of thousands of Mainers who work at small businesses. Together, we will weather the storm caused by COVID-19

mainers'>Fellow Mainers, I just called @SenatorCollins’ office to urge her to vote for witnesses in the Impeachment Trial. I got through right away and it took less than 30 seconds: (207) 945-0417

The #MoveOnTruck  took a day trip to Bangor, ME. @StephenKing 's house. Mainers have a message for @SenatorCollins : hold a fair & impartial impeachment trial (why wouldn't you?). RT & let her know. Do not sell your soul for @realDonaldTrump . cc: @annieclark25 

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Mainers are sick and tired of the Democrats’ impeachment charade. It’s time to STOP THE MADNESS!

If Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage had let Mainers know ahead of time that he was going to flee the state permanently as soon as he left office, that might have shed helpful light on some of his governing decisions... #KTHXBYE !

"I have looked up to since the early 80s when I learned we, Mainers, had 2 lady senators. Susan, have broken the trust of generations of Maine women today." #VoteThemOut 

40,000 people step up and make a small donation to help Mainers desperate to win the ear of their Senator...and all Susan Collins can do is smear them? Maine, I'm sorry. Senator, please reconsider. I've always thought you're better than this. Pledge ?

Senate bill doesn't fix ACA problems for rural Maine. Our hospitals are already struggling. 1 in 5 Mainers are on Medicaid. 3/3