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Critics say the project’s environmental benefits are overstated — and that it would harm the woodlands in western Maine.

Maine Mendoza got to experience being a flight attendant, the profession she was supposed to pursue when she was younger, as she underwent a flight attendant crash course for her lifestyle-travel show “Maine Goals.” | @APasajolINQ 

NBC News spoke with abortion clinics in nine states — Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — about what they plan to do if their legal access to mifepristone is curtailed.

The U.S. will see the next total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, which will sweep from Texas to Maine. It will be the last total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. for decades.

A young Maine girl took the phrase “having class outside” to new heights Monday morning after hiding in a tree from authorities, and her mother, for nearly four hours.

The Maine mother’s lawsuit comes as advocates warn “outing” transgender students without their consent could be dangerous for those who don’t feel safe at home.

Maine city reopens arena to hundreds of asylum seekers.

From @marcela_elisa  in @GlobeOpinion : More questions than answers in the Maine undocumented workers’ case

Maine mother sues school district over her teen’s gender transition


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Egg prices are up 60%. That’s absurd. People are paying up upwards of $6 and $7 for a dozen eggs. Why? Corporate greed. maine'>Cal-Maine, the largest egg producer in the US, is raking record profits — $198 million in its latest quarter. That’s a 65% increase from a year ago.

In Maine, we have no voter ID laws, we have same day registration, we have no-excuse absentee voting, we have mail-in voting, we have early voting, we have 24/7 drop boxes. And we have virtually no fraud. Expanding ballot access doesn't encourage fraud; it encourages VOTING.

When you combine last week's decision forcing Maine to fund private religious schools with today's decision granting public school officials a right to pray on the job, you get a clear view of this Supreme Court's crusade to dismantle secular public education itself.

Trump visits the coronavirus swab production line in Maine, without a mask, and the manufacturer says it will now have to throw away the day’s output.

maine lobsters'>Beautiful Maine Lobsters will now move tariff-free to Europe! For first time in many years. GREAT new deal by USTR levels playing field with Canada. Millions of $’s more in EXPORTS...

CONGRATS to General Dynamic’s Bath Iron Works & Local S6 on reaching a tentative agreement after the long strike. GD builds GREAT Arleigh-Burke destroyers. Super boost for Maine Economy. Glad to have helped. I’ve done a lot for Maine!

Pres. Obama destroyed the lobster and fishing industry in Maine. Now it’s back, bigger and better than anyone ever thought possible. Enjoy your “lobstering” and fishing! Make lots of money!

NEWS w/ @AshleyRParker : The Lincoln Project raised $16.8 million this quarter and will soon expand to include ground operations. They plan to next target GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Thom Tillis (N.C.), and Lindsey Graham (S.C.).

Thank you to Linda Bean of L.L.Bean for your great support and courage. People will support you even more now. Buy L.L.Bean. Maine' alt='LBPerfectMaine' /'>@LBPerfectMaine