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I think we can put Trump's presidency safely ahead of Trump Air but below the Taj Mahal.

@louwhiteman  Honestly, though, the best idea would be to house it as a pay-per-entry attraction in the mahal'>Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. Class personified.

#Breaking | 4 arrested after a video of people unfurling saffron flags at mahal'>Taj Mahal emerges. Details by Siddhant.

Agra: Ruckus inside Taj Mahal; 4 youths arrested after unfurling saffron flag, chanting Shiv Chalisa.

Rashtrapati Bhawan & mahal'>Taj Mahal are facing same issues that the current Parliament is facing. Are they going to demolish them & rebuild those? : Vivek Gupta, Spokesperson TMC, tells Padmaja Joshi on @thenewshour  AGENDA. @Sanju_Verma_  responds. | #SCClearsCentralVista 

One of my problems with #PoochPerfect  is that after the makeovers the dogs just look... like dogs that have been to the groomers. The tasks should be to make them look like Marie Antoinette or the Taj Mahal or something

New @SatsangMovement  cover video for your Wednesday. Check out "Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes (mahal'>Taj Mahal cover) on @YouTube  #satsang  #coversong  #YouTube  ❤️🎧

Jan 5. Good morning! I love you. Today’s soundtrack: The Devil Went Down to Georgia. (lol no, Keb Mo and Taj Mahal, All Around The World) #waterdrop 

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@BerrymanKim  @KyungLahCNNThe  joys of being a CNN field producer. I once had the role of blocking the monkeys from jumping on our correspondent during liveshots at the mahal'>Taj Mahal. “chief sun-blocker” and “head monkey-whacker” are great for the resume :)

4 arrested for waving saffron flag at mahal;'>Taj Mahal; case registered after video goes viral #TajMahal 


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Light, fun and real. Thank you Bright and Win for generously answering my questions. From the Philippines with love, salamat (thank you). And like what I taught you guys, 'Mahal ko kayo, Kapamilya!' ❤️💚💙 @bbrightvc  @winmetawin  #BrightWinThePHExclusive 

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Taj Mahal is Hindu Monument: Prof Marvin Mills, Reputed New York Architect taking uo for investigation?

“We grew up in a traumatic police state, so I am familiar with this type of situation,” Ruhel Islam of the Gandhi Mahal restaurant in Minneapolis said. “We can rebuild a building, but we cannot rebuild a human.”

I welcome Namo’s statement in Kolkata that History as we know should be reviewed. He should implement that statement by re- naming Victoria Memorial as Rani Jhansi Smarak Mahal. Queen Victoria took over India after the betrayal of Rani Jhani in 1857 and looted India for 90 years

I was about Xav's age when I first visited the mahal'>Taj Mahal almost 35 years ago... and it's amazing to be back with him & the family on Day 1 of our trip to India.

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