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"Our task is to make sure the vaccine can get ahead in the race between the vaccine and the virus" Matt Hancock says delaying step four of the lifting of lockdown will allow "crucial" time for the govt to "deliver the extra protection we need". #COVID19 :

The US COVID relief program has paid people to stay home & avoid work. If that’s not bad enough, the program is riddled with fraud. Up to $400bn has been claimed illegally. This is par for the course. All govt programs are riddled with waste, fraud & abuse.

7th Pay Commission: GOOD news for central govt employees regarding DA hike, DR benefits #7thPayCommission  #personalfinance 

Has the Modi govt failed to manage inflation? Watch#NewsToday  with @sardesairajdeep  Full show:

Assuming a cost of Rs 400 per dose, the Covid vaccination drive to cost govt about Rs 48,851 crore of which it had already budgeted for Rs 35,000 crore, the report said.

“No applications, no staff reports, no public hearings. Zero. It was basically like ‘This is what we want. Approve it.’ ” #DougFord  govt handed out 44 MZOs since 2019. in 2020, it issued 33 — more than twice as many as Libs did in 15 yrs. #Ontario  #MZO 

Death toll from cholera hits 37 in Bauchi as govt declares free treatment #vanguardnews 

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So fed up of this Govt, today the PM showed utter disregard for Parliament and my constituents. So many, especially those in hospitality are now deeply distressed.


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“The U.S. govt. has reason to believe that several researchers inside the Wuhan lab became sick in autumn 2019, before the first identified case of the outbreak.” I’m sure that’s a TOTAL coincidence ? The CCP covered it up & the whole world knows it!

Mauritius declared an emergency after a tanker hit a coral reef, spilling 1,000+ tons of oil and threatening "thousands" of fragile species. It is still leaking. Volunteers are making barriers and rescuing animals, angry at govt inaction: "We will never be able to recover."

All jokes aside, @Sethrogen  is a moron. It’s your party that believes in govt power: to shut your business, to oppress your faith & to censor your speech. Anyone who disagrees, they try to cancel. BTW, a lot of folks in Hollywood are conservative—& muzzled by the fascist Left.

The US govt last week updated the survival rates (i.e., IF infected) for Covid19: 0-19 99.997% 20-49 99.98% 50-69 99.5% 70+ 94.6% Didn't see it reported much.

How many young persons think it is fair that St Stephen’s College gets 95% of its finance from Govt but reserves 50% of the seats for Christians? Or have I got the numbers wrong?

“I can’t believe Trump is banning an app that steals our data and is run by the same communist govt that unleashed a plague on the world” cried the people who cheered states banning church services, gatherings, businesses from reopening, and mandated face coverings.

Talked Piyush Goel office. Govt will pay 85% and State Govt 15% . Migrant labour will go free. Ministry will clarify with an official statement

The same media that has absolutely no problem with Hunter Biden taking in $1.5 billion directly from the Chinese govt has a problem that @realDonaldTrump  may own $99 of a stock (through a mutual fund) that happens to make a drug he’s hopeful could work against the pandemic. FU!

The govt needs to clarify if IB officer Sharma was targeted and killed at the behest of Aap’s Tahir because Sharma was tailing him for Tahir’s Bangladesh terrorists connection. If true it becomes very very serious matter

To drop the snark for a moment, what’s extraordinary is that the UK govt would willingly undermine the vital public health messaging in the midsts of a pandemic which has killed 55,000 people and rising - just to save one wretched man’s job.