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The problem with this "brand" of magical thinking is that stripped of self-serving PR, the world of 2019 was an autocratic kleptocracy stripmining the planet to enrich the few

The magical thinking that @BorisJohnson  encouraged and propelled him to @Number10gov  has clearly taken cement status in the minds of his #nodealbrexit '>MP #nodealbrexit  who want to eat the 🍰 they were promised. If does an achievable deal they will bring him down.

This is a double-dose of magical thinking and denial. The U.S. economy was unraveling in 2019 from 11 long years of Fed-induced over-capacity.

Nine months of failure, magical thinking, self-congratulation, and golf:

What happens when the placebo effect run amuck? Being positive cannot hurt, except when Positivity overkill leads to magical thinking and bad decisions.

“There’s a risk of falling into magical thinking as you can’t actually say how any of this would be done – you’re just kind of assuming that somehow it will be.”

My best coping mechanism is a magical-thinking trick I developed as a 9-year-old: imagine the worst. Tell your brain the worst will happen. Never ever ever allow yourself to say in your own head the thing you most want. (Yes, this is a recipe for anxiety at times, but it works.)

Like the pandemic, there’s a huge difference between how Trump and Biden camps are staking their victory claims. Trump and company are bullying us with magical thinking about the votes. Team Biden is walking us all transparently through the data in the states. Trust the science

I don’t disagree that capex cuts could be impactful. We already see how they mattered in US shale. But saying the next up-cycle will be sufficient (perhaps in magnitude, but less likely in duration) to remove debt and sell depreciating assets is magical thinking (thread)


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Got a little weepy this morning thinking of how few "magical" holidays seasons we have left with our kids, now 8 & 12. Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas won't be the same, and they're sad about it. I promise - a ton of parents will be thinking of this when they vote this year.

An almost pathological inability to admit error. A penchant for magical thinking. A positive, self-reenforcing feedback loop from aides and Fox News. @PhilipRucker  and I go inside Trump’s failure to grapple w coronavirus.

Dr Fauci says we are at the BEGINNING of this pandemic. With 114,000 people dead, there are more challenges. The response to the many warnings was so botched and the American people are still paying the price for this President’s magical thinking that it would just “go away”.

Donald Trump needs to stop pretending that if he just ignores the bad news about COVID-19, it will go away. It won’t. The time for magical thinking is over.

Like an invasion of hostile space aliens, COVID-19 Is an enemy of the human species that won’t negotiate. It cares not of your nationality, ideology, politics, or religion. This enemy of us all requires a global effort to combat, guided by science and not by magical thinking.

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Dr. Fauci confirmed to me today: our country does not have coronavirus under control. President Trump needs to stop pretending that if he just ignores that bad news, it will go away. It won’t. The time for magical thinking is over.

I *deeply* understand why basically everyone just wants this to be over and to get on with our lives, but I fear there's a lot of magical thinking now creeping in that reminds me of the magical thinking that got us here in the first place.

Kellyanne Conway and Larry Kudlow say Coronavirus is “contained” at 200 cases. This is the kind of talk that causes great unease in the markets. The Trump White House is still engaged in magical thinking. Let’s see if the number stays around 200.

Yo Bitch! I stole your line, Aaron. But you can "Say my name!" Just thinking about the 6 magical years on BB with our great cast and crew. I miss you all, even those Heisenberg had to kill. Vince, you're a genius and a wonderful human being. Thank you for the ride of our lives!

i was just sittin here thinking how many magical opportunities @MTV  has given us this year, can't thank you enough, i love u, we are so otp