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This entire garbage bill is akin to an argument about whether to use a lighter or flamethrower to set this country on fire “Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough blocks amnesty from budget-reconciliation bill”

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough blocks Democrats from including a plan to provide legal status to as many as 8 million undocumented immigrants in a bill on President Biden's economic agenda

What we’re witnessing is “a major event that should not be shrugged off or ignored,” Don Layton, the former CEO of U.S. mortgage giant Freddie Mac, wrote.

Vigil’s @LorneMacFadyen : ‘My shoulder popped out its socket in the big reveal scene’ | @Ellie_Harrison 

Neil Fowler and his wife Gayle had spent almost two years waiting for an official diagnosis

Why marketers love mashups, from mac ‘n’ cheese ice cream to baked bean smoothies

Jeff McNeil's home run helps Mets avoid being swept again

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McNeil hits a tiebreaking homer leading off the seventh inning, and the #Mets  beat Philadelphia 3-2 on Sunday night, damaging the Phillies playoff hopes. #LGM 


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BREAKING: Norm MacDonald has died "after a long and private battle with cancer" The influential comedian and former 'SNL' Weekend Update anchor was 61

The fight is booked! July 10th you’re gonna see what the Mac is about. Adjust and absolutely fucking destroy! #BilliStrut 

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Crazy throwback of Mac Miller freestyling on a school bus ?

some words from mac miller as we all get ready to press play on #circles  ?

Gotta bring Mac Miller's "2009" to the TL this morning ?️

Mac Miller would have turned 28 today. An immense talent gone too soon ??

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Consistently great reporting by Elizabeth MacDonald of @FoxBusiness . She really understands OBAMAGATE!

mac miller's estate just announced that a posthumous mac album is set to drop on january 17th ?mac was in the process of recording #circles  as a companion album to ‘swimming’ at the time of his passing ❤️

New crutches for Little Man. Look, Maggie. I’m walking, Maggie.” This is the Twitter content I’m here for...???❤️?

#BREAKING: Mac Miller's posthumous album, Circles, will be released NEXT WEEK ?