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If you were wondering what Apple's new iPhone cameras were like—wonder no more. These photos #shotoniPhone  tell the tale. Read more in our reviews below. iPhone 13 and 13 Mini: iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max: 📸: @LaurenGoode 

WIRED Impressive cameras. 128 gigabytes of base storage. Longer battery life on the full-size model. TIRED Battery on the Mini is a bit weak. Otherwise there’s not much to dislike. Check out @LaurenGoode 's full review of the iPhone 13 ft. Nougat:

"I hate to break it to you, but you're probably going to want to upgrade to the iPhone 13." Here's everything you should know about the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini:

Fascinating. Biz and GOP-leaning orgs are trying to save the bipartisan mini-bill with GOP votes as progressives threaten to pull the plug over Manchin/Sinema scheming.

Amazon's $599 Mac mini deal is still in stock, grab it while it lasts

YIOVVOM Vehicle Automotive Cup Holder Garbage Can Small Mini Trash Bin Car Trash Garbage Can for Car Office Home "In Search of Great Products." #AmazonAffiliate  #Comm8 

Today I attended a Small Business Committee hearing to consider Dilawar Syed’s nomination to help lead @SBAgov . Not one of my Republican colleagues attended, blocking his nomination for the third time.

Wtf our house just shook?!!! Mini earthquake???

Garnet Carter is responsible for the American introduction of mini-golf, which he called “Tom Thumb Golf” after the English folk character. #MiniatureGolfDay 

2021 Tata Punch mini SUV interiors officially revealed ahead of launch


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It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes. Never happened to THIS candidate - FAKE NEWS. Perhaps they are referring to another candidate from another Party!

Mini Mike Bloomberg, who made a fool of himself on the Dems debate stage when Elizabeth Warren & the others simply took him apart, is going “crazy” trying to buy his way back into the Liberal Democrat’s hearts. His Florida ads are lies. I am much better for SENIORS than Sleepy!

Mike Pence was never put on standby, & there were no mini-strokes. This is just more Fake News by @CNN , a phony story. The reason for the visit to Walter Reed, together with the full press pool, was to complete my yearly physical. Short visit, then returned (with press) to W.H...

The biggest loser tonight, by far, is Mini Mike Bloomberg. His “political” consultants took him for a ride. $700 million washed down the drain, and he got nothing for it but the nickname Mini Mike, and the complete destruction of his reputation. Way to go Mike!

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, other than Mini Mike, was the loser of the night. She didn’t even come close to winning her home state of Massachusetts. Well, now she can just sit back with her husband and have a nice cold beer!

#BTSArmy , you watching? ? Unfolding like a cinematic mini-blockbuster fantasy film, the second official visual fo @BTS_twt  ’s latest single is complete with an epic dance performance in a wartime medieval setting.

Now Mini Mike Bloomberg is critical of Jack Wilson, who saved perhaps hundreds of people in a Church because he was carrying a gun, and knew how to use it. Jack quickly killed the shooter, who was beginning a rampage. Mini is against the 2nd A. His ads are Fake, just like him!