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Mouth platitudes, or genuinely learn and change. Football still has some way to go, as the Mabior Chol situation proved #footyology  -

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Here’s my latest column for @ESPNAusNZ  ..... The Mabior Chol incident shows footy culture still needs to evolve

Has footy really evolved much from the 'bad old days'? Apparently not - but the industry and its fans must learn from the Mabior Chol incident, writes @rohan_connolly .

ICYMI: The latest Corbin & Ben Podcast featuring... @hughriminton  on the Mabior Chol story 👉Peter Schwab on the state of AFL umpiring @cleary_mitch  with the latest AFL news @CorbinMiddlemas  @BenCameron23  #AFL 

Hugh Riminton: (it’s) illegal, criminal, wrong on any level & it needs to be called out... I wasn’t looking for any reaction other than for it to be taken seriously at club level so Mabior Chol doesn’t have to put up with it, or any other player. Corbin & Ben on @abcgrandstand 

Should more be done to ensure what happened to Mabior Chol in the Tigers' change room doesn't happen again? 🤔 Former @Richmond_FC  player Brett Deledio says the incident was nothing new to his eyes nor the inner sanctum of a football club. #AFL 

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The AFL has stepped in after a radio station released a crude parody making light of Richmond player Mabior Chol being groped by his teammates. @Simeon_TW  reports.

Richmond young gun Mabior Chol has been touched inappropriately by teammates several times over the past month.

The father of Richmond star Mabior Chol has spoken out after his son was swept up in a controversial groping incident.

ICYMI: Grandstand panel Mark Maclure, Adam Ramanauskas and Al Nicholson on the Mabior Chol story. #AFL 


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If a group of footy playing mates can’t celebrate a win by sticking their fingers up each others anuses on national tv ... the Woke Police have already won Richmond players Nick Vlastuin & Jayden Short apologise to Mabior Chol for 'unacceptable behaviour'

Richmond players apologise to teammate Mabior Chol for 'unacceptable behaviour'

👀 | The bizarre actions of Tigers Nick Vlastuin and Jayden Short on teammate Mabior Chol were once considered locker room antics. No longer. They’re unacceptable but the pair should not be painted as racist or sexual offenders, @Robbo_heraldsun  writes:

AFL Tigers players apologise to teammate Mabior Chol after accusations of groping

Mabior Chol is coming straight for your ankles. ? #AFLPiesTigers