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Photos via Library of Congress; John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum by Robert Knudsen; Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library & Museum by Cecil Stoughton; NARA Rosa Pineda photo, 2020, via Wikimedia -

The Great Society – the grand endeavor of the progressive, racist lyndon baines johnson'>President Lyndon Baines Johnson, has failed. Fifty-five years later, we are witnessing the -- shall I say it --“chickens coming home to roost.” @AllenWest 

The last time Utah voted for a Democrat for president was Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1964. The Beehive State’s 56-year streak of voting for Republicans for president may be in real danger, according to a new poll.

For every one of you #MAGA  idiots who watched @RedPillBlack  Owens on @IngrahamAngle  and you take her word on anything about LBJ, read "Judgment Days: Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Laws That Changed America" by Nick Kotz. Or try ANY of Robert Caro's books

@delawarerevenge  @KarenAttiah  " @jricoleIf  you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you. "--Lyndon Baines Johnson

-->@Sotheby’s officials said they estimate the material from Gov Pat Brown, which includes original letters from JFK, Jackie Kennedy & lyndon baines johnson'>President Lyndon Baines Johnson, could bring in as much as $30,000 at a Monday auction. But @JerryBrownGov  has questions.

Robert Caro, the esteemed biographer of Lyndon Baines Johnson, talks on the Shakespearean life of the 36th president. LBJ died #OTD  in 1973.

"It seems like Republicans and Democrats are intractable," said Mark Updegrove, a presidential historian and chairman of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation. "They are both adhering to their own versions of reality, whether they're based in truth or not."

was an ardent supporter. lyndon baines johnson'>President Lyndon Baines Johnson wanted nothing to stand in the way of a successful convention got sick and tired of their protests. So he dispatched United Auto Workers president Walter Reuther to issue an ultimatum to MLK and the other civil rights 4/11


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The United States has not seriously reformed its legal admissions system in more than 50 years—when Lyndon Baines Johnson was President. It's time to restore the American dream for all.

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The backstory to the dams that remade the Colorado River and remain the LCRA’s signature achievement have everything to do with a young, wily Hill Country congressman... named Lyndon Baines Johnson

lyndon baines johnson'>President Lyndon Baines Johnson was born #OTD  in 1908. Here he is as President Kennedy’s Vice President during inaugural festivities in Washington. ? AR6992-E Guests of Honor Before the First Inaugural Salute to the President Dinner in Washington, D.C., 1960. Photo by Abbie Rowe

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52 years ago today Lyndon Baines Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law

Just a reminder: This CFB week saw a sack by Lyndon Baines Johnson (Cincy) and TDs by Thomas Jefferson (Delaware) & Edgar Allen Poe (Army).

Meet leftist hero Lyndon Baines Johnson, vicious fat-shamer and disgusting sexist.

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A player named Lyndon Baines Johnson(!) just recorded a sack in the #CINvsMEM  game. This game truly has everything.

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ICYMI: This CFB week included a sack by Lyndon Baines Johnson (Cincinnati) and TDs by Thomas Jefferson (Delaware) & Edgar Allen Poe (Army).