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The new Louise Linton film looks like it's going to be *everything.* HT @_SidVerma 

The Ted Cruz thing falls in the ideal quadrant of the Scandal Matrix, where the stakes are relatively low and the specifics are more farcical than sickening (aka the Louise Linton Zone) so people feel free to dunk with glee.

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Louise Linton complains she’s been ‘villainised’ because of association with Trump administration #wallst 

Outspoken, divisive and nicknamed Cruella de Vil — Louise Linton had worse press than Melania when her multimillionaire husband, Steven Mnuchin, became Donald Trump’s Treasury secretary. She tells The Times how she ended up in the White House.

Louise Linton, the British wife of Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, has cast herself in a big-budget film alongside Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick. Spoiler: It's pretty terrible. One reviewer called it the “first legitimately horrendous movie of 2021”

Louise Linton complains she’s been ‘villainised’ because of association with Trump administration

Opinion | Meredith Clark: I almost loved Louise Linton's 'Me You Madness' for how terrible it was. Almost. - @NBCNewsTHINK 

#YouMeMadness is a bad movie made by bad people, writes @MeredithLClark . And I'd make everyone I know watch it if that weren't exactly what writer/director Louise Linton wanted:

“Gossip Girl” actor Ed Westwick is promoting his new movie “Me You Madness” with Louise Linton on TikTok. Fans seem to ignore that he faced allegations of rape and sexual assault


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Louise Linton, the labels-loving wife of Steven Mnuchin, belittled a woman for having less money than she does

Steve Mnuchin says he didn't realize the photo of him and wife Louise Linton with the dollar bills, taken by an AP photographer, would go public

This is just savage: "But the adoration in her eyes was something to behold, and who could fail to be moved, at least a little, by the sight of Louise Linton photographed with the love of her life? Steven Mnuchin was also in the picture."

Treasury Department Sued Over Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton’s Kentucky Trip

Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton are being investigated for using a government plane to view the eclipse

This sounds silly -- but Louise Linton could help show working-class voters the truth about Trumpism

How long would it take a minimum-wage-earning Kentuckian to dress like Louise Linton? 2,251 hours and 24 minutes

Wearing Hermes and Valentino, Louise Linton boldly rants about self-sacrifice on Instagram

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