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Former Deputy PM Lord Heseltine tells Eddie Mair the new Brexit bill proposed by government is 'patently ill judged.' @eddiemair 

When asked about the Internal Market Bill, Lord Heseltine says "I can't remember such an inept piece of government decision making" #KayBurley :

Watch #KayBurley  live. Coming up on the show this morning, @KayBurley  will be speaking to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething, former Deputy PM Lord Michael Heseltine, among many others

“We do not in the Conservative Party break the law.” Former deputy prime minister, Lord Heseltine says he does not believe the govt’s International Market Bill will go through the House of Lords, calling it a “matter of principle”. #KayBurley :

At 0805, @KayBurley  will be speaking to Lord Heseltine about the latest in Brexit negotiations #KayBurley  🕗0805 📺Channel 501 📱Watch live:

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Former Deputy PM Lord Heseltine shares outrage at the "patently ill-judged" new Brexit Bill and explains the catastrophic effect it could have on the UK if passed. @eddiemair 

‘Please forgive us!’ Lord Heseltine’s embarrassing plea to Britain’s young over Brexit

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Lord Heseltine's Brexit defiance laid bare: 'We will definitely rejoin EU!'

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A pro-China lobbying group backed by leading British politicians including Lord Heseltine and Lord Mandelson was founded by secret members of the Communist Party, a new book on Chinese influence in the West has revealed.


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"My generation betrayed the young generation." Conservative peer Lord Heseltine says it is "appalling...that our young people are being ignored" over Brexit, in the latest Ways To Change The World podcast.

Lord Michael Heseltine: There are ‘chilling’ similarities between the 1930s and the current political climate.

Lord Heseltine says he will vote against the Conservative Party for the first time because it is "forcing through the biggest act of economic self-harm ever undertaken by a democratic government” - he'll vote Lib Dem in the European elections

"It will be a Tory government that is blamed for what we are talking about today. I will have no part of it." Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Heseltine, says the proposed Brexit deal will "make this country poorer".

"It never occurred to me in my life that I would see such a thing" Former deputy PM, Lord Heseltine says the prorogation is a "humiliation for the Mother of Parliaments"

“It was a deeply depressing occasion… I’m disenfranchised.” Former Deputy PM Lord Heseltine says tonight's debate “was a masterclass in avoiding the answers to questions… and there were a lot of assertions which make no sense” #newsnight  | @maitlis  | #BBCOurNextPM 

“All my life I have voted Conservative but if I am faced with the choice of a Conservative Brexit candidate I, and I think huge numbers of people like me, will not vote for them” - Lord Heseltine, former deputy PM #newsnight 

'The electorate is changing.' Lord Heseltine gives his view that the government will fall before Brexit can happen.

83 year old Lord Heseltine fired by government for speaking sensibly about Brexit. It's as though to reason is now treason.