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#Debate while dining? 🍽️ "The Rival Chancellors" Lord Brougham—Lord-Chancellor of England—and the Duke of Gloucester—Chancellor of the University of Cambridge—face off over a meal in this 1834 British political cartoon. Learn more:

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British friend, up way too late: “Bet you don’t feel so self-righteous about Lord Buckethead now, do ya?"

British Health minister Lord Bethell could be heard swearing during a debate in the House of Lords after suffering technical issues as he gave a statement to the House... #LordBethell  #Swearing  #UKPolitics 

Former Chancellor Lord Ken Clarke told LBC he "never imagined the British Government would legislate to be allowed to break a treaty" when asked about the Brexit divorce deal. @NickFerrariLBC  | #Brexit 

Lord (not so) Keen continues a great trend of British legal professionals having excellent names Others for the list: - Justice Judge, the former Lord Chief Justice - the late Justice Laws - Lord Pannick QC Any more?

Union Minister@prahladspatel  virtually attended handing over ceremony of 3 sculptures at High Commission of India, London. Three sculptures of Lord Rama, Lakshamana and Mata Sita handed over by British Police. These sculptures stolen from temple of Vijaynagar Period.

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The British lord killed by the IRA had a scandalous marriage. #lordmountbatten  #irish  #ireland  #IRA 

"The government has no mandate from the British people to break treaties." Former Tory leader Lord Michael Howard criticises the government's plans to override key elements of the #Brexit  withdrawal deal. #KayBurley 

Lord Darroch, the former British ambassador to the United States, has branded the breaking of international law over the Brexit divorce deal as "extraordinary".

Foreign secretary speaks to British minister Lord Tariq, discusses matters of bilateral cooperation


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“This is a frightened lot of bullies...we must really learn to stand up to them.” Former British Governor of Hong Kong, Lord Patten, says China is taking advantage of the pandemic to introduce stricter security laws in Hong Kong.

"Push-back" of refugee boats would be illegal under British and international law. I don't believe the First Sea Lord would sanction the Royal Navy doing it. Priti Patel is insulting our armed forces by even suggesting they could intentionally put civilian lives at risk.

Lord Patten: China is 'bullying and loutish.' Hong Kong's last governor under British rule said the new law was a "complete overturning of One Country, Two Systems" - the principle under which the declaration was formed. Read more on this story here:

rocky rapping skepta's “praise the lord” verse in a british accent will never get old ???

@joshuawongcf  "There's been a failure in the leadership of Hong Kong and it's about time people started to put that right. " Lord Alton of Liverpool, a British politician, is in Hong Kong to monitor local elections at the invitation of pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong #HongKongProtests  #香港

The editor of the Mail on Sunday’s grandfather was Sir Oswald Moseley’s right hand man in the British Union of Fascists. The owner of the Mail Lord Rothermere was a friend of Hitler and funded the BUF. Jeremy #Corbyn ’s mother fought them at Cable St in 1936. #Labour 

"They can kick me out but as long as I have the breath to utter I will defend the values that I learned from Winston Churchill on through every British Prime Minister." Lord Heseltine says he'll "stay and fight" in the Conservative Party.

Personally I’ve taken the advice of Lord Adonis the lead Labour candidate in these elections. He said he hoped #Brexit  supporters would NOT vote Labour. So, I’m not. I’m voting @brexitparty_uk  It’s the best way of halting the backsliding and betrayal of British democracy.

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Congrats to Lord Ivar Mountbatten! The 55-year-old made history as the first member of the British royal family to have a same-sex wedding!

British actor and film director Lord Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90, his son tells the BBC