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"And therein is the issue: Ratcliffe becomes the villain because Smith, his fellow colonizer, cannot be." #longreads 

"Water is the most intimate relationship you have with the government." @ayewolfe  @MSTODAYnews  #longreads 

Still time to catch up with our weekly longreads roundup

Time to catch up with this week's longreads roundup

The first two installments of #Poisoned  @Longreads  Part 1: Part 2:

In this week's longreads roundup, we have pieces on everything from launching a book during a pandemic, to dealing with serious covid symptoms

Looking for longreads? We've seven of them in our Sitdown Sunday roundup

From top-billing doctors to the NFT frenzy, we’ve selected some of the best #longreads  of the week from the Star.


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Today would have been George Harrison's 70th birthday. Read our 1979 interview with the Beatle: #longreads 

How do you beat a virus? These former HIV researchers are now racing to find a cure for Zika. #longreads 

A pocket-sized sequencer gets the whole human genome, a stunning proof-of-concept w/ ultra long-reads & assembly congrats!

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Some black American men are dressing up as a conscious means of survival. #longreads 

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Public displays of Nazism have been on the rise in the U.S. since right around last November 8. @noyinzoe  #longreads 

Kurt Cobain died 19 years ago today. Read our final interview with him: #longreads 

The @mattapuzzo  @nytmike  & @EricLichtblau  and myself spent months on this Comey story published today. #longreads 

One year ago today Adam Yauch passed away. Read our tribute to the late Beastie Boy#longreads 

John Lennon would have been 73 years old today. Look back at our 1968 interview with the Beatle: #longreads