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Italy - Lombardy is about to be designated as a Red#coronavirus  Zone again. A non-deserved "punishment" according to regional governor Fontana (it)

Father Bill Lombardy accused of sexual abuse by former altar boys: suit

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How the corona shutdown affected air quality in some of the most polluted cities in the world. I am particularly surprised by the image for Milan. I didnt realize the air quality in Lombardy was this bad. Can it really be worse than Delhi? Scale issues?

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@MichaelRosenYes  If we had known each other I would have been warning from late Feb. Told all my elderly family & friends to reduce contact from then. We had already seen Wuhan, Diamond Princess & Lombardy.

The lawsuit alleges 'serious omissions' by the Lombardy and central governments.

Relatives of COVID victims in Italy are seeking 100 million euro in compensation from the state, in a criminal negligence case they're taking against the country's prime minister and health minister, and the president of Lombardy.

Italian families who've lost loved ones to Covid-19 have filed a lawsuit against local politicians in Lombardy, stating they were negligent in their handling of the pandemic

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Doctors have blamed systemic problems with Italy's health care system, especially in hardest-hit Lombardy, for failing to respond adequately.

Totally unconfirmed - There's a rumor going around that Lombardy's #coronavirus  status will fall to the minimum 'giallo' - yellow - warning level status at sometime this week.

"To visit Iowa now is to travel back in time to the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in NYC + Lombardy + Seattle, when the horror was fresh + the sirens never stopped. Sick people are filling up ICUs across the state." Gov Reynolds is Incompetent


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Hong Kong is dense with a crowded subway. It has a lot of travel from China. And yet, no local cases for weeks now. No Lombardy-style lock down either. And, no, it's not the competent government. I wrote about how the people of Hong Kong saved themselves.

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Army trucks transport dead bodies to crematoriums across Italy after Bergamo’s cemetery in the Lombardy region was overwhelmed by #coronavirus  deaths #CoronavirusItalia 

Watch: Cubans doctors arriving in Italy to help combat the coronavirus in Lombardy where scores have died.

Having spent the day on the phone talking to local experts of various stripes, there are *many* very serious, knowledgeable people who fear this analysis is correct; NYC is headed for a Wuhan or Lombardy-style healthcare system crash.

A doctor in Turin, Italy says he wants to warn the world, "the only way to prevent a health care system collapse is to enforce a lockdown as soon as possible" and to "increase ICU capacity." He says Turin is probably 9-10 days behind Lombardy.

The head of the Lombardy's intensive care crisis unit says the health system is on the brink of collapse, intensive care being set up in hallways. By March 26 they predict ~18,000 #Covid19  cases in Lombardy, of which ~3,000 will need intensive care.

Earlier this week, people I’ve been talking to were hopeful we’d turned a bit of a corner, but general consensus of my conversations over last day w experts is we’re still not doing enough to avoid Lombardy-like scenarios in multiple cities. Seattle is expecting it.

People haven't gotten their heads around the fact that NYC is going to be the Lombardy/Wuhan of the US. And maybe worse. It's about to get very dire. See the numbers below.

Italy death toll up 30% over yesterday, up to 827. We are tracking their epidemic about 10 days behind and right now their healthcare system in Lombardy is being overwhelmed.

My God. Lombardy has more than 10 million people. Equivalent to preventing anyone from entering or leaving New York.