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President Joe Biden ordered a 90-day commission be established to find solutions to sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military, according to a Jan. 23 memo by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

U.S. airstrikes were carried out on what U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said were locations associated with Iran-backed militia groups in Syria. The airstrikes are considered the first known use of military force under the Biden administration.

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Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that he was confident the U.S. military hit the correct targets in Syria against facilities belonging to Iran-backed militia

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he was confident an airstrike in Syria had hit its target: facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups who carried out deadly attacks in Iraq earlier this month #WSJWhatsNow 

Last week, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said at his first Pentagon news conference that reducing sexual assault is one of his top priorities and that he would introduce stronger efforts to fight it.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III flew out to San Diego based aircraft carrier USS Nimitz today to thank the crew for a lengthy deployment.

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Speaking to reporters following the announcement of air strikes against Iranian-backed militia facilities in Syria, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that he was confident they had hit the correct targets

FIRST STRIKE | BIDEN TARGETS SYRIA The U.S. President gave the order Thursday morning for air strikes at his recommendation, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says. More in our free to read blog:

Speaking to sailors on the USS Nimitz Thursday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin acknowledged the demand for American warships around the globe as he wrestles with security threats from China in the Pacific and Iran in the Middle East.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III flew out to the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz off the coast of San Diego Thursday to thank the crew for a lengthy deployment.

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Senate confirms Lloyd Austin to lead Pentagon in the Biden administration, making him the nation’s first Black defense secretary

White House Covid-19 Response AdviserAndy Slavitt just announced Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has mobilized more than 1,000 active duty troops to help with coronavirus vaccine administration around the country. It’s an initial FEMA request. I suspect more will be on the way.

The Senate confirms retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to lead the Pentagon. He will be the first African American defense secretary.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin dismissed every member of the Pentagon’s advisory boards, ousting last-minute Trump administration nominees as well as officials appointed by previous administrations.

Nominated by @PresElectBiden  and voted on by the Senate, Lloyd J. Austin III has become the 28th confirmed Defense Secretary and will lead the dedicated men and women of the U.S. armed forces.

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Senate confirms retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to lead Pentagon, making him nation's first Black secretary of defense.

Josh Hawley in this Congress has voted against all the Biden nominees and against the waiver for Lloyd Austin to serve as defense secretary. His lone two 'yes' votes so far have been to throw out the electoral results of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

The internal security threat the U.S. faces right now is serious. We need a Secretary of Defense on the job immediately. I will vote to confirm Lloyd Austin and grant him a waiver, and I urge other Senators to do the same.

Lloyd Austin, recently retired Army general Biden nominated for secretary of defense, says he will “rid our ranks of racists and extremists and commit to a climate where everyone fit and willing to serve” can.

93-2, Senate votes to confirm Lloyd Austin as defense secretary. The two no votes: Hawley and Lee