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Videos shared on social media show Iranian security officials responding to protests in Khuzestan over lack of clean water and poor living conditions by shooting firearms and teargas toward protesters. There has been a rising death toll and mass arrests.

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Big Tech booms even as lockdown living wanes

Rapper DaBaby is facing widespread criticism from celebrities and activists for comments he made about people living with HIV/AIDS.

presents 2 You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack* u may find yourself in another part of the world ...

People living with stress, anxiety or depression could be eligible for between £23.70 and £152.15 each week.

‘Mary Whitehouse is living in my head’: how the video nasty scandal inspired a hot new film

When it comes to countering China, India isn't living up to its end of the deal, writes @mihirssharma 

"Rather like a power company, they're essential to modern living, and it's important that they should be regulated to make sure that they actually do deliver."

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The world is changing but is it really? The same things, different times. If Marvin was living, he wud say what the hell going on? The DOJ u need to protect the rule of law, equal justice for all, and you damn Senators, u need to do your job! Do your job!

. @MoochWorld ⁩ living the dream but the time it’s a nightmare! 💀 Coming soon as Zombie Apocalypse!!

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Where do I see myself in ten years? - Living in Bali, with my dogs. (credit unknown)

We are living Orwell’s 1984. Free-speech no longer exists in America. It died with big tech and what’s left is only there for a chosen few. This is absolute insanity!

Joe Biden is the living embodiment of the corrupt political class that enriched itself while draining the economic life and soul from our Country. For the last 47 years, Joe Biden shipped away your jobs, shut down your factories, threw open your borders, and ravaged our cities...

Proud of my friend @KingJames  for his fourth title, fourth Finals MVP, and for not only living up to the hype after seventeen seasons, but surpassing it as an extraordinary leader both on the court and in the public arena fighting for education, social justice, and our democracy.

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I am happy to inform all of the people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood...

Never stop learning. Never stop loving. Never stop living.

The richest 400 Americans sit on $3 trillion—the size of the entire UK economy. The billionaire class now pays a lower tax rate than people living paycheck to paycheck. The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years—and the culprits are the ultra-rich.

Where is Congress? Where is the Supreme Court? Where are the mayors and governors? Living former presidents? Where are the university presidents, foundation heads, religious leaders, corporate leaders, union heads, editors and publishers? All must stand up to Trump’s madness.

Monday. Join us for #Homefest  @Billie_eilish  an @FinneasOConnell  sing in their liv @BTS_twtng  room. perform from home in @johnlegendth  korea'>So @johnlegendth  Korea. at h @DUALIPAme  in LA. with a new intimate per @AndreaBocelliormance . from Tuscany. David Blaine, Will Ferrell and so @CBSuch  more 10pm x

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All over the world, those living under oppressive regimes look to us. They look to us because we have a rule of law. Because in America, no one is above that law. To my Senate colleagues, I implore you: Give America a fair trial. She's worth it.