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China allowed two U.S. citizens, siblings Victor and Cynthia Liu, who were prevented from leaving the country for more than three years, to return to the United States on Sunday.

China has allowed Victor Liu & Cynthia Liu, American siblings, to leave after forcing them to remain in the country for more than 3 years under an “exit ban." Their mother, Sandra Han, also American, remains in jail. By @PekingMike  @ChuBailiang  @ktbenner .

@PekingMike  @ChuBailiang2  @ktbenner . Release of the Liu siblings comes after US & Canada released Meng Wanzhou, Huawei executive held in Canada, and China’s release of Canadian prisoners Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor. Here’s our first story on the Liu case & growing use of “exit bans.”

They were less famous than the two Canadian hostages held by the Chinese government, the "two Michaels," but for three years Beijing had prevented these two American siblings, Victor and Cynthia Liu, from returning home. They were just released.

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American siblings Cynthia & Victor Liu, barred by #China  from leaving country for three years, returned to US after Canada's release of Huawei executive, @axios  rpts:

Cynthia and Victor Liu had their young lives completely upended as they were prevented from returning home from China for more than three years. We are so pleased to welcome them back home.

The project is being led by Dr Andrea Soltoggio of Loughborough University’s Computer Science department, in partnership with Dr Soheil Kolouri at Vanderbilt University & Dr Cong Liu at the University of Texas, both in the USA #AI  #DARPA  #neuralnetworks 

Longsha Liu on leadership: Understand the roles of agitator, innovator, and orchestrator

Siblings Victor Liu and Cynthia Liu had become a prominent example of China’s use of extralegal exit bans that Western diplomats say have grown more common under President Xi Jinping’s rule. Read in Chinese.

US siblings Victor and Cynthia Liu finally leave China as exit ban is lifted


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Breaking box office records and hearts everywhere @SimuLiu  #MetGala 

@SimuLiu  with a perfect strike AND a backflip. 😱 Gotta be one of the best first pitches this year. 👏

"There is no such concentration camp in Xinjiang" China's ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming challenged over drone footage that appears to show Uighur Muslims being blindfolded and led to trains

"Just let her live. Let her be an artist... This is a girl, just living her life." K-pop artist Amber Liu@llama_ajol ) speaks out about her former f(x) band mate Sulli, who died by apparent suicide in October.

#Marr asks Chinese ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming to explain footage from China of handcuffed and blindfolded detained people

NBC News: The White House nor the Trump campaign have responded to our requests for comment about an alleged Chinese drug cartel money launderers presence as a 'VIP' at a Trump rally. The mysterious story of Antony Liu:

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Drew Barrymore getting choked up thanking the universe for bringing Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu into her life after they gush about her being a force of good in their world is why we forever stan these three angels

In 6 days since acquittal, Trump/WH have: -Removed Vindman -Removed Sondland -Vowed payback/retribution -Attacked judge in Roger Stone case -Attacked DOJ prosecutors for Stone sentencing proposal -Attacked FBI Director Wray -Withdrawn Liu/McCusker nominations

MORE: Per a source familiar, Liu was expecting to stay in her position as U.S. attorney through at least her hearing if not her confirmation. But then, unexpectedly, was informed that AG Barr was replacing her w Shea. Today, Trump withdrew her nomination.