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I added a LinkedIn quick guide onto my @gumroad  ! Download it for Free+ here ⤵️

If you are going to reach out to someone on LinkedIn looking for work or help getting new clients, you really should look at what their job is NOW, not what it was 3-4 jobs ago.


Some of my best referrals come from Linkedin. Are we connected?

Okay, I've started a LinkedIn newsletter Advisors tell me that this has become a really good way to advance mutual goals, also, pigeon rescue. Here's how you subscribe: Please subscribe if you're not overwhelmed already. Feedback really needed. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone that attended the #linkedin  space. If you missed it live catch the replay here. ⤵️

On LinkedIn, Google employees described the "transactional" nature of getting notified of a layoff via email. Experts say while not widespread, they're seeing more examples of the practice, particularly in the tech sector amid sweeping layoffs.

On Linkedin, I'm what they call an Open Networker. Send me a note and I'll accept. I would love to get to know you better and expand our networks. #socialnetworking  #linkedin  #connection 

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Does anyone know Jonathan Reeser of Indiana? Why would he say threaten to kill my family? Here’s his LinkedIn:

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🚨Come work with me🚨 We at the @BBC  are aggressively expanding in North America and, in the coming weeks, I will be hiring for a LOT of roles. So, if you’re a writer, editor, home page/ social producer designer - send me your stuff and reach out. (DM or LinkedIn) Pls RT

Things that didn’t exist on Christmas 20 years ago: iPhone Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter TikTok Android Bitcoin Tesla iPad Gmail Netflix streaming Amazon Prime Slack Reddit Etsy WhatsApp Messenger Google Maps Snapchat LinkedIn Pinterest Chrome Zoom Skype Spotify Airbnb Uber

D-1!!! TOMORROW: @superm  on our Big Event for #MentalHealth  ?️ 10.10.2020 ? 10h00 EST ? 16h00 CEST ? 23h00 KST Live on WHO's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn & Twitch More info ▶️

I forced an AI bot to read 100 million Linkedin profiles and create a TV pilot script. Here is the first page.

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You gotta love Tim Duncan's LinkedIn page... (this is actually a real thing)

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Acquisition prices: Twitter: $44 billion (Elon Musk) Slack: $28 billion (Salesforce) LinkedIn: $26 billion (Microsoft) WhatsApp: $19 billion (Facebook) Skype: $8.5 billion (Microsoft) YouTube: $1.65 billion (Google) Tumblr: $1.1 billion (Yahoo) Instagram: $1 billion (Facebook)

Things that didn’t exist on Christmas 20 years ago: iPhone Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Android iPad Gmail Netflix streaming Wikipedia Google Maps Amazon Prime App Store SpaceX Reddit Snapchat Skype Spotify Airbnb Uber Xbox Waze iTunes Hashtag Chrome Tesla Bitcoin LinkedIn

most important from interview was the London Cntr for int'l law reached out to him on LinkedIn w job offer, suggesting entrapment from the start. Then before he resigns to work for they say wait-1st, go to Rome & meet Misfud

"Grow Your Business with Content Marketing " by @stevekrohn  on @LinkedIn