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Opening a new book on how many more wraith cycles Lindsey Graham has before Wednesday. House says 1.5.

@MZanona  On Wednesday, Rep. Jim Banks issued an explosive request to Senate Judiciary Chairman LindseyGraham: Subpoena the phone records of House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff. On Thursday, Graham had a succinct response: “We’re not going to do that.” per @marianne_levine 

Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized House Democrats' impeachment inquiry on Wednesday while also issuing a rebuke, and potentially a new talking point, that the Trump administration was too inept to carry out a quid pro quo in regard to Ukraine foreign policy

A small group of Senate Republicans, led by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander, launched their own talks to end the shutdown on Wednesday after the failed White House meeting. But by Thursday, they declared those talks failed.

Lindsey Graham on Wednesday said the White House’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria would be a “huge Obama-like mistake.” via

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