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I'm just a lil guy, but this was the result of my 2022 acreage survey in regard to corn/soybeans.

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Oct. 20 is officially Lil Nas X Day in Atlanta.

Be kind to yourself today. Put a 'lil squirt of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on your morning coffee.

National Aviation Services (NAS) Strengthens Presence in Africa through Strategic Partnership with Siginon Aviation in Kenya @SiginonG  #Kenya  #Africa  #Aviation  #Partnersip  #Cargo  Read more:

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Looking for a NAS to revolutionise my audio and video making — what's a good one folks love?

Tesla will change the type of battery cells it uses in all its standard-range cars via by (w/ a lil' additi @CNBCnal  @MikeWaylandreporting  from me.)

Who's cysed up for a lil local politics debate action, moderated by yours truly? Come follow along at 6 pm central time as we learn things and stuff!

New food adventure time…first time cooking with Chinese okra. I had very lil’ idea what to do with it, so hey, why not toss it in a smoked sausage frittata 🤷‍♂️? 😋😋😋😋😋 #AteMyGreensMom 

Poor Lil $UPST giving up the ghost to all last week's buyers at $400 $300 next up

Lil Bit Nola Ghent shuttered after less than a year in business because of the pandemic. The Virginia Beach Lil Bit Nola, located on Princess Anne Road near Mount Trashmore, is still open seven days a week.


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Lil meme juice for the weekend

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Bought some Dogecoin for lil X, so he can be a toddler hodler

I was so excited when someone told me that Lil Nas X had done my song #Jolene . I had to find it and listen to it immediately…and it's really good. Of course, I love him anyway. I was surprised and I'm honored and flattered. I hope he does good for both of us. Thank you @viewsfromnas 

Cameron Carter, son of Lil Wayne and Lauren London, describes seeing Nipsey Hussle in a dream after his death

Lil Baby brought the BARS on this new freestyle ?

A lil something i wrote in light of all the fucked up shit goin on rn.. i need hip hop to have a hug

Lil Nas X will perform at the #Grammys  with @BTS_twt , Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo

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All of BTS are along for the "Old Town Road" horseback ride with Lil Nas X #GRAMMYs