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You might think getting struck by lightning is only possible if you're outside, and that you're completely safe as long as you're at home, but that isn't always the case. The CDC reports that "about one-third of lightning-strike injuries occur indoors."

Another round of showers & thunderstorms will be possible this afternoon and evening. The primary hazards with these storms are: ⚡Frequent lightning 🌧️Localized heavy rain 🌬️Sudden gusty winds #NVwx  #AZwx  #CAwx  #VegasWeather 

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Another round of storms this afternoon but less coverage than previous days. Some storms could still be strong with brief heavy rain, gusty winds, small hail and frequent lightning. Drier air moves in from the northwest late in the day with drier conditions Tuesday. #COwx  #UTwx 

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[ Oct 3 ] Today's Weather: Isolated thunderstorms over the northwest, producing frequent lightning. Excessive rainfall and heat. | Tronadas aisladas sobre el noroeste, produciendo rayos frecuentes. Lluvia excesiva y calor excesivo. #PRwx  #USVIwx 

He asked, "Why does anyone need a lot of followers?" So I went ahead and told him, Why do birds sing and dogs bark and lightning bugs shine bright? Why else are you on Twitter to be seen and heard, right? #Smm  #Socialmedia 

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We had an unusual amount of strong thunderstorm activity in eastern MT this evening, with an impressive number of lightning strikes to go with it ⚡️ *Lightning strikes shown by white dots | Lightning Data provided by Vaisala #mtwx 

Lightning return home, cut camp roster, get back to work

When it's raining outside and thunder follows, it's likely that lightning is pretty close behind and there are some places you shouldn't be for your own safety — mostly outdoors.


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BREAKING VIDEO: WATCH: Massivelightning bolt strikes Statue of Liberty as storm passes over NYC

While we understandably focus on events here, an extraordinary Russian military collapse is unfolding in Eastern Ukraine. Towns and cities that took Ru weeks to capture have fallen in hours to a lightning counter offensive.

Not a filter- not edited at all. Check out the halo of light striking #NYC  just now- #lightning  storm

The Taliban, created in 1994, took over the country with lightning speed. They controlled it by 1996. The most powerful nations on earth sent in an army and still after a matter of a relatively few years, the Taliban regained control or contested 30-40% of the country.

STATISTICS OF THE YEAR: Americans killed annually by All Islamic jihadist terrorists 9 Armed toddlers 21 Lightning 31 Lawnmowers 69 Being hit by a bus 264 Falling out of bed 737 Being shot by another American 11,737

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So, the heat wave in Canada was so strong that it created extreme wildfire conditions, and when the fires started the heat plumes were so strong they created severe thunderstorms, which are so strong they're creating lightning that's sparking new fires

Alabama RB NajeeHarris’ flight from Dallas to Birmingham was cancelled last night due to lightning, so with no other travel options available, Harris drove nine hours to make it to Alabama’s Pro Day by 10 am today. He’s not even working out today but wanted to support teammates.

It would be impossible for me to overstate how fun it is to watch Steve Kornacki work on nights like this -- Steve receiving live election results in his earpiece while pounding away on his desk computer is like watching a slow happy lightning strike.

CA has experienced 10,849 lightning strikes in the last 72 hours and WORLD RECORD heat temperatures. We’re currently battling 367 known fires. Grateful for our firefighters, first responders, and everyone on the frontlines protecting Californians during this time.

Disney Plus is developing a #PercyJackson  series adaptation "starting with The Lightning Thief in season one"