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Capitol Police officers risked their lives to protect members of Congress on January 6. I hope my Republican colleagues will find the backbone to defend those officers today as they face slanderous attacks from the former President & the right wing. This has gone too far.

Three siblings said that in backing Donald Trump's "big lie" he had decided to "betray your country" and accused him of "betraying" his family as well.

At the start of Syria’s war, one US dollar bought 46 Syrian pounds. In January 2020, it fetched 940 and in July 2021, it’s at 3,220, down from a peak of almost 4,000 in March. Here’s Syria’s economic collapse, in graphs: 👉

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#NSTopinion #Malaysiais  in the throes of an infection that is six times more lethal than the spike in January. #coronavirus  #covid19  #vaccine  #vaccination  #DeltaVariant  #HerdImmunity  #frontliners  #variant  #delta 

@dannychughes  @EpsilonTheory  @ttmyghW  @fleckcaphen  you lie to get leverage and/or are not a family office(Outside Investors) then everything is in play.. My bet has been and is that Hwang was managing/laundering money for bad bad actors

Kinzinger: McCarthy and Jordan should face 6 January subpoenas – but maybe not Trump

Our brother Paul Gosar backed Trump's lie and betrayed America. Has he no shame? (NBC News) XUI3bARcYA

Kinzinger: McCarthy and Jordan should face 6 January subpoenas – but maybe not Trump

Why Republican Leaders Ignored the January 6th Hearing via @NewYorker 


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Dear @onedirection , we wanna roll back like pressing rewind. We just can’t lie, these #10YearsOf1D  were the best times of our lives. What is your favorite #1D  memory? Here’s some of ours

@JoeBiden  DOES NOT want to defund the police. Please retweet this to help beat back the @realDonaldTrump  big lie.

To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.

Peter Navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud 'more than sufficient' to swing victory to Trump . A great report by Peter. Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election. Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!

The “Justice” Department and the FBI have done nothing about the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud, the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history, despite overwhelming evidence. They should be ashamed. History will remember. Never give up. See everyone in D.C. on January 6th.

The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, D.C., will take place at 11.00 A.M. on January 6th. Locational details to follow. StopTheSteal!

See you in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Don’t miss it. Information to follow!