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I'm hoping we all get snowed in like in an Agatha Christie novel and picked off one by one until there's only the killer left in the morning. Then I'll just lock up and go home. *OrkneyLibrary

A library in Greenville County will be moving to a new, larger location.

Textbook commission asks for legal review of guidance for library book challenges

To build a delightful library for kids, start with these 99 books, @AlyssaRosenberg  writes:

After a year of cacophony for the library district —'>Pikes Peak Library District — which included concerns over some members of the board of trustees wanting changes in access to materials, resignation of the former CEO over what he described as politicization of the …

Image of Damilola Taylor projected on library'>Peckham Library to mark his birthday. His father Richard says there is “an evil force” driving stabbings in our streets. But the @HopeCollective2  is offering positive solutions to reduce violence, as @RagsMartel  reports

.@Daytonlibrary and @DCDCLive  are teaming up for a unique dance performance at the Main Library in downtown Dayton.

Officials celebrated the opening of a new library today at the Charleston County juvenile detention center. Sheriff Kristin Graziano said that the space would further serve the department’s mission to rehabilitate youths at the facility.

We’ve been treated to some great sky scenes of late. Mike Stevens turns his eyes to the sky in this visit to the library'>PhotoLink Library.

There's explicit content in Library and Archives Canada, for god's sake.


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Many of you following along with #LizzoAtLOC  were surprised that the Library has a flute vault. We are the largest Library in the world & home to more than 173 million objects, so there are many more surprises like that in our collections. Enjoy this thread of just a few of them.

Hearing @lizzo  play some of the Library's priceless antique instruments on Monday was such a gift, and we were honored and happy to help her share that gift with her concert audience Tuesday night. Here is some more behind-the-scenes footage of her Library tour. #LizzoAtLOC 

I want an entire Netflix series that’s just the Librarian of Congress inviting famous people over to play with some of the cool shit at the Library of Congress.

You didn't think @lizzo  played that antique flute on stage without practicing first, did you? She visited the Library Monday & played several of the flutes in our collection, which is the largest in the world. #LizzoAtLOC  See & hear more from her visit:

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“Where is she? Where is the pink-haired freak? Where is the pedophile librarian?” When a Mich. library refused to remove an LGBTQ memoir, people harassed two librarians out of their jobs. Then they voted to defund the town's only public library:

The library'>Brooklyn Public Library is offering a free library card to anyone in the U.S. aged 13 to 21 who wants to check out books digitally. Called Books UnBanned, the program was created in response to a nationwide wave of book bans and restrictions.

CHENEY at library'>Reagan Library tonight: "At this moment, we are confronting a domestic threat we have never faced before– a former president who is attempting to unravel the foundations of our Constitutional Republic." GOP leaders, she says, have become "willing hostages."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces he is signing a bill requiring high school students to learn about the "evils of communism and totalitarian ideologies." The bill also creates a library that allows students to learn about "real patriots" who escaped communism and socialism.

Great new book just out, “Taken for Granted, How Conservatives Can Win Back Americans That Liberalism Failed”, by Gianni Caldwell, a young winner! He will be at the library'>Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, California, on Thursday at 6 PM, PT. Check it out!

I rarely owned books as a child, instead I went to my local library. It was there that I developed my love of reading, & later writing. It makes me sad that children might grow up never having a local library. All libraries need to be saved. When they go, they go forever.

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