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Just saw a reel on Instagram where a woman was trying to help a rat get out and she called out to her kids to make sure they were safe. Then she said “If I scream everything is okay.” And I feel this nicely sums up what happens when we liberals read the news the last few years.

Across demographic groups, younger people are especially likely to disapprove; most moderates disapprove along with nine in ten liberals; two-thirds of Hispanic Americans disapprove, three-fourths of Black Americans and just over half of White Americans disapprove.

@McFaul  If Dobbs had been ruled on differently, preserving Roe v. Wade, would liberals be saying *that* was anti-democratic? You can't have it both ways. Unless by anti-democratic we simply mean: 'something not to our liking.' But democracy doesn't necessarily produce good outcomes. 11/

In the camping world (RV) Even though everyone is out here to escape society- Liberals (smile) will come to your camp and ask you how you got such a nice rig.. They see you as competition Conservatives will holler from their camp and ask if you want some wood they have leftover

That Supreme Court has now done what liberals insisted it would and what conservatives alternately prayed for and denied was their intention all along, @paulwaldman1  and @ThePlumLineGS  write

Liberals fearful of supreme court moving to the right

US liberals fearful of supreme court moving to right after Roe v Wade ruling via @IrishTimesWorld 


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SCOTUS has ruled that the federal government has no authority over women's bodies A huge win for liberals

According to one of his law clerks, as reported by @nytimes  in 1993, Justice Clarence Thomas privately said, "The liberals made my life miserable for 43 years, and I'm going to make their lives miserable for 43 years."

State Rep who wrote a plan to organize a mass killing of liberals to found a Christian theocracy in America just showed up in Poland with dozens of Ukrainian children he wants to bring to America for adoption.

Liberals under Trump: Stop saying Wuhan flu! It is racist and causing violence! Liberals under Biden: Boycott Russian-named restaurants owned by Ukrainians! Cancel Russian musicians! Stop playing Tchaikovsky!

Liberals love the first amendment until you say something they don't agree with.

Let’s send a loud message to the liberal elites. It would TRIGGER our haters coast to coast if we made the NYT list! This is the book that liberals don’t want you to read or share with others. Get your copy now!

A white "Black Lives Matter' supporter telling a black Trump supporter what to think in Kenosha today is a perfect summary of liberals in 2020

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Liberals were right about George W Bush and they’re right about Donald Trump. The Republican Party is a political party incapable of governing the nation without ushering in death, devastation, and national humiliation. Just the facts.

WOW: By a 5–4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court reverses a lower court order extending the deadline for mail-in ballots in Wisconsin. All four liberals dissent. The conservative majority just effectively threw out thousands of ballots. Incredible. Link coming soon.

Bernie’s press secretary suggesting to a sitting US senator that cancer treatment, and not just COVID-19 treatment, should be free has generated far more outrage from liberals on Twitter than the fact that Biden’s senior adviser offered free PR & legal advice to Harvey Weinstein.