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"You can't have it both ways. She's either the most liberal senator in all of Christendom, or she is a terrible opponent of Democraticliberals," says Mark Shields about Republican criticism of Sen. Kamala Harris.

| @TheRevAl ⁩ has been criticizing “latte liberals” for years, suggesting that woke progressives are disconnected from the black communities they are patronizingly trying to save. South Carolina’s Democratic primary dramatically proved he was right.

@whstancil  TIL there is a whole community of On Here Dems united in disdain for "do something " liberals. Setting aside all the somethings that could be done, it's such a self own. Donald Trump is president and you reject the idea that someone should "do something "? What does that make you?

Liberals are no-show at afternoon talks to avoid election

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New on YouTube: New liberals'>Brunswick Liberals pull out of stability talks, premier won't commit to calling election

New Brunswick poised to head to the polls as Liberals pull out of stability talks |

Former Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges joins The Post to discuss her view that Whiteliberals were often the obstacle to change during her tenure and how cities can best move forward.

“It was necessary to write the book with both liberals & conservatives in it because they were actually looking at each other, talking to each other the whole time.” — @NSSRNews  faculty @TenuredRadical . Read more about our latest #NewSchoolBookClub  pick:


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Liberals were right about George W Bush and they’re right about Donald Trump. The Republican Party is a political party incapable of governing the nation without ushering in death, devastation, and national humiliation. Just the facts.

What sports will eventually look like if liberals get their way

This is the video that has liberals melting down because of the Colin Kaepernick jersey 🤣

Let’s send a loud message to the liberal elites. It would TRIGGER our haters coast to coast if we made the NYT list! This is the book that liberals don’t want you to read or share with others. Get your copy now!

The @nytimes  is really mad, & liberals are freaking out. Once again, Trump didn’t fold and came punching back. They hate him for that, & for exposing how WEAK AND DUMB they are. In other words, @realDonaldTrump  hit a home run. Thank you Mr. President for having our backs.

Liberals love the first amendment until you say something they don't agree with.

WOW: By a 5–4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court reverses a lower court order extending the deadline for mail-in ballots in Wisconsin. All four liberals dissent. The conservative majority just effectively threw out thousands of ballots. Incredible. Link coming soon.

I didn't roast Hollywood for being a bunch of liberals. I myself am a liberal. Nothing wrong with that. I roasted them for wearing their liberalism like a medal. I'm such a snowflake, liberal, I can't even really hate them for it. But my job is to take the piss. I did that. ?

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Democrats and liberals in Congress want to disarm law-abiding Americans at the same time they are releasing dangerous criminal aliens and savage gang members onto our streets. Politicians who put criminal aliens before American Citizens should be voted out of office!

Kanye dares to think for himself so commentators mock him, saying Kanye (a wildly successful businessman) “is what happens when negros don’t read.” At some point you have to ask, why is free thought & expression so dangerous & scary to liberals? ?