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Blyth Valley - Tories win by 1,000, while 3,000 people vote for Greens and Libdems. Thanks a lot.

? WATCH: Look at this amazing fake bar chart. The last time the LibDems were this close to the Tories was in government tripling tuition fees and cutting billions from public spending. We know you can't trust the Tories, but you can't trust the Lib Dems either. #Ridge 

I'll say it again: a lot of the City money pouring into the Libdems is from donors who say No Deal = Better Than Corbyn. @joswinson  actions rejecting Corbyn as interim PM completely accord with this outcome

By proposing a temp gvt to stop Johnson & hold a 2nd ref, Corbyn torpedoed the LibDems' image as the party whose top priority is Brexit reversal. By rejecting this offer, the LibDems have committed suicide. Again.

Brexit referendum didn't deliver the outcome many of us hoped for But you can't pretend the result didn't happen. LibDems are doing just that You can't turn back the clock. Nor ignore the 17m who voted Leave This doesn't strengthen our democracy. It further imperils it

These numbers still have to be verified. But what is striking is that even in strongly Leave areas, there was a pronounced swing from Labour to the Remainy LibDems and Greens. Which gives the lie to view among Labour Brexiters that Labour did badly for not being Brexity enough.

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Since @BBCNews  appear to have missed it, 1.2 million people voted @greenparty , we came ahead of LIbdems, & increased our no. of MEPs by 50%

April: PM calls an election because she says Labour & LibDems are meddling in Brexit. July: May asks Labour & LibDems to meddle in Brexit

@johnmcdonnellMP  says Labour wants to form a minority government and challenges SNP, Green and LibDems to support it. Woooooo