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Each kernel has three colors, about 7 calories and a lot of sugar. Many people, including comedian Lewis Black, can't stand it.

The same fascist cops who beat and gassed lewis'>John Lewis are still out here 55 years later gassing people trying to vote

Watch @lifebiomedguru 's broadcast: “Are Science Officials in the US Compromised by Enemies of the US?“ Dr. Lyons-Weiler talks to the $cience Whistleblower extraordinaire ~the EPA’s own Dr. lewis'>David Lewis! #Treason  #Sedition  #EnviornmentalCrimes  #CDCcrimes 

For subscribers: In lewis'>Marcedes Lewis, Robert Tonyan and Jace Sternberger, it seems Matt LaFleur is covered at the tight end position. #Packers 

“I gave a little blood on that bridge in Selma. I almost died. Some of my friends and colleagues were murdered. I'm not asking any of you to give any blood. I'm just asking you to go and vote like you've never voted before." —Rep. lewis'>John Lewis, 2 years ago

Lewis Cine Jordan Davis Julian Rochester George Pickens Ben Cleveland Kenny McIntosh#UGA  down six starters for this game. Monty Rice limited but playing. Will need all of them next week.

That TD catch by CJ Lewis was the catch of the year NCAA/NFL. #BCEagles 

@FoxNewsFan  Very, very close. I'm skeptical that Trump can win, but less skeptical than I was a couple of weeks ago. I think lewis'>Jason Lewis has a shot at the Senate seat, too.


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lewis'>John Lewis asked The NYT to publish this on the day of his funeral. It is necessary reading. He writes, “When you see something that is not right, you must say something ... Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

Not many of us get to live to see our own legacy play out in such a meaningful, remarkable way. lewis'>John Lewis did:

I’ve just signed a petition about this bridge to dignity as seen in SELMA. It is named after a KKK grand wizard and confederate warlord. Edmund Pettus Bridge should be the John Lewis Bridge. Named for a hero. Not a murderer. Join this call. It’s past due.

I for one don’t care whether the president or his congressional enablers put out disingenuous pablum about John Lewis. Pass and sign a voting rights bill. Name it after him. And then we can talk. Actions not empty words. Lewis always led from the front.

With the passing of lewis'>John Lewis, America has lost not only a man of history, but a man for our season; O how we need such men of unwavering principle, unassailable character, penetrating purpose, and heartfelt compassion.

Saddened to hear the news of civil rights hero lewis'>John Lewis passing. Melania and I send our prayers to he and his family.

From the private video stash. A glimpse of Congressman Lewis in the Oval. During our SELMA visit. Back when the White House was occupied by sane people who believed in justice and dignity. Grateful that the Congressman saw the dream of a Black President realized in his lifetime.

BREAKING: Robert E. Lee High School in Fairfax County set to get a new name: John R. Lewis High School, named after the late Congressman and civil rights icon. More later on #FOX5DC .

President Obama’s eulogy of lewis'>John Lewis is one for the ages, a perfect tribute of a man for the ages.