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“Oddly it happened in the last trial I sketched [Lev Parnas].”

Mass's list of GOP governors is long - from Lev Saltonstall to Big Red Weld to proto ACA architect Mitt Romney - but none from the corner office had as swaggy a cover shot as Christian Herter. The cod jumps out at ya but the gold dome makes it:

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12/3 @ 5 pm (PT) — Neal Stephenson@nealstephenson () sounds a clarion alarm, ponders potential solutions and dire risks, all while taking us on an exhilarating, speculative adventure in Termination Shock. In conversation with Lev Grossman@leverus () RSVP:

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Lysosome-targeted DNA nanodevice improves the ability of tumour-associated macrophages to cross-present antigens #NBThighlight  by the labs of @KrishnanYamuna  and Lev Becker

It's time for Erdogan and his advisors to read about how I smashed Bulgaria's hyperinflation and put the Bulgarian lev on solid footing in 1997 with the installation of a currency board. Installing a currency board in Turkey might even save Erdogan's skin.

Public Security Minister Omer Bar Lev called for the reopening of the Gilboa Affair case following prison warden Freddy Ben-Sheetrit's allegation on Wednesday that female guards were reportedly pimped out to Palestinian prisoners.

Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev arrived at the scene shortly after the attack and corroborated that the assailant was a member of Hamas. Bar-Lev added that the weapon used was not an Israeli military rifle and was likely smuggled in from somewhere

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Israeli Internal Minister@OmerBarLev  says the Jerusalem gunman was a Hamas member whose wife and children recently moved abroad.

Matchmaking mobile app Shagrir’im Ba’Lev has recently partnered with the Orthodox Union, enabling English in the app so that non-Hebrew speakers in Israel’s Orthodox community can engage in the preeminent dating app for Haredi matchmaking.


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NYT says Trump is poised to name Richard Grenell as Director of National Intelligence. Here's Lev Parnas telling the Daily Beast that Grenell agreed to give a "heads up" to Kremlin-connected oligarch Dmitry Firtash if DOJ was about to move to extradite him to face trial here:

This Parnas interview is incredibly damning. But, then, it’s *all* been incredibly damning. The problem here is not a lack of damning testimony, some of it from President Trump himself. It’s a lack of Republican senators who care about the country enough to do the right thing.

Parnas attorney, Joseph Bondy confirms to CNN he has turned over to the House Intel Committee an audio recording of Trump talking about Yovanovitch.

Lev Parnas' @maddow  interview makes Watergate look like child's play. Trump knew. Pence knew. Everyone knew. No wonder Mitch McConnell doesn't want to call witnesses.

Mr. Parnas’ public interviews and documents shed light on the origins and key players in Trump's scheme. His information, Bolton's offer to testify, and the GAO's finding of Trump's illegality all underscore the need for a fair trial. The American people deserve all the facts.

Trump. Pence. Barr. Perry. Pompeo. Bolton. Nunes. Firtash? More... Lev Parnas interview, tonight, 9pm ET, MSNBC.

A few days ago Trump said he didn't know Lev Parnas and now there is a 90 MINUTE TAPE of Trump talking with Parnas over dinner

“Donald Trump and Lev Parnas discussed Rick Scott in secret recording”

Knowing everything we know about Trump’s Ukraine shakedown, what single part of Lev Parnas’s story seems unusual? None of it. Why? Because every time a witness comes forward, a new arrow points at Trump’s guilt.

New: Amb Marie Yovanovitch calls for investigation after evidence reveals GOP congressional candidate & Giuliani associate Lev Parnas discussed surveilling her. “The notion that American citizens & others were monitoring Amb Yovanovitch’s disturbing,” says her atty.