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“This is hugely damaging and urgently needs resolving” - Vicky Leigh-Pearson, sales director at @JRJsmokedsalmon , stands by the letter (attached) she sent to @AlokSharma_RDG , @BorisJohnson  and @RishiSunak  on Friday accusing the government of incompetence. No response so far.

MEDIA DIARY | When #IStandWithDan  critics told Leigh Sales she should stop the ‘BS’ and ‘congratulate’ Daniel Andrews for his pandemic handling, it was the final straw for the 7.30 host.

Three months after Nine’s political editor Chris Uhlmann defended Leigh Sales against online attacks by “left-wing thugs”, the ABC 7.30 host has finally had enough and hit back at a new round of vitriol from the left on Twitter. | By Nick Tabakoff

Leigh Sales takes a look at the most consequential election in a generation in this three-part special about the US presidential race (via ) @abc730 

@mrcjohnston  @pryorlisaB  @meadeaut  would Leigh Sales or anyone - bar Alan Jones to any woman who steps in his space - do this so bluntly or brutally to Christensen though? Even the nuttiest MPs are treated as sane enough to be asked/given time. Lisa's point about the Murdoch retribution still holds I reckon.

Leigh Sales has lit up social media with a question on the lips of all Victorians.

Leigh Sales question to the PM on aged care deaths from COVID: “How did the federal government fail so comprehensively to prevent this tragedy?”

PM’s response. Conmonwealth government put in $1.5billion extra in support for workforce support, PPE and training and training equipment. Leigh Sales: And there were still 673 people dead. “I am asking why you failed.” PM: I don’t agree with your assessment.

Furious Josh Frydenberg's stinging response to Leigh Sales after being grilled about his criticism of past Labor deficits


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Leigh Sales approach to the debt and deficit question is a masterclass – holding the government to account for their hypocrisy, without accepting the frame herself. #auspol  #budget2020 

Leigh Sales interviews me in a vast surreal studio with everyone metres apart. Goes to air Monday on 730 ABC. Something to check: I favourably mentioned Annabel Crabb three times. “I”ll cut them all out!” Leigh said with a smile, I think.

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“How can you look at future technologies? They’re not invented yet?” - Leigh Sales “Let’s look at hydrogen...” - PM @abc730 

7.30 host Leigh Sales riles PM Scott Morrison with ‘excessive secrecy’ questions | The New Daily

Video of Leigh Sales of ABC’s 7.30 interviewing HHDL in Sydney, Australia, originally broadcast on June 13th.

I called some ppl out on here the other night for making sexist remarks about Peta Credlin. They defended them because they didn't like her. Many of the same go after Leigh Sales. All profess to be warriors for equality but while ever partisan hackery infects basic decency, no.

I assume Leigh Sales will pull out Fightback! when grilling Morrison on current Liberal Party economic policy #abc730