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Deja vu as Carrie Lam backs plan to let Hongkongers on mainland vote in Legco elections

Police report filed against Hong Kong opposition lawmaker for allegedly snatching votes from ballot box at Legco meeting

Hong Kong opposition lawmakers resort to filibustering on first day of Legco’s extended term

Opposition made the right decision to stay in Legco and start political healing in Hong Kong

Legco term extension breathes new life into four Hong Kong bills, but parties’ support for the measures is anything but certain

Cracks surface in Hong Kong opposition camp over move to stay on in Legco

Cracks surface in Hong Kong opposition camp over move to stay on in Legco

What do recent Legco oustings mean going forward? Even after three court rulings, some questions still unsettled, experts say

Taxi association official in court over accusations of bribing five people to vote for Legco candidate in 2016

Hong Kong magistrate dismisses private prosecution case alleging misconduct by Civic Party’s Dennis Kwok in handling of Legco committee election


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HK Legco member @tedhuichifung  stopped a car he said had been following him for a few days. Said when he asked who they were, they tried to pull off and hit him. The police were called but ended up tackling Hui and letting the car go

#HongKong was supposed to hold its Legco election today and govt postponed it for a year, citing #covid19 . Some decided to protest against the delayed election and govt even there's now #NationalSecurityLaw  @bpolitics ⁩

Sen.Rubio, author of the #HongKongHumanRightsAndDemocracyAct , issued a statement after HK’s gov't announced it was barring 12 pro-democracy candidates from running in the upcoming LegCo election: Read more here:

Foreign Secretary@dominic_raab  condemns the disqualification of twelve opposition candidates from the upcoming legco'>Hong Kong LegCo elections. Read it here ⬇️

legco'>Hong Kong LegCo elections rigging: 9 pro-democracy election candidates threatened with disqualification

The Foreign Office responds to the postponement of Hong Kong's LegCo elections. Read the full statement ⬇️

In Opinion Fernando Cheung writes, "The Hong Kong authorities announced that the LegCo election would be delayed by a year. They cited the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse, but the truth is that they are afraid their camp would lose the race."

Don't expect LegCo elections to be fair or free. The very fact that the democracy camp would like to win the elections, from a CCP point of view constitutes a "crime" against the national security law. Because "security" is equivalent to full CCP control.

As temperatures flare in Legco, recall the scuffles among lawmakers almost exactly one year ago that presaged the mass protests over the extradition bill