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"The Hangover," "Legally Blonde" and "The Shining" are just some of the movies that a dad and daughter duo recreated for fun photos.

Where is my mind “driving my best mate for brain surgery” podcast this week with @liammmaher  . Did you get a chance to listen? Here we are on set of legally blonde

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Bend and snaps are in order, people! The highly-awaited comedy sequel Legally Blonde 3 will hit theaters in May 2022. 💕

UPDATE: Elle Woods fans are going to have to wait a bit longer for another "Legally Blonde" movie.

The cast of “Legally Blonde” had no trouble spilling the beans about the hotly anticipated third film in the franchise during their virtual cast reunion, nearly two decades after the original film hit theaters.


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Tonight: Trump plagiarized his commencement speech from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

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Elle's cross-examination of Chutney remains one of the best movie scenes from the 2000's and if you don't agree, you're seriously disturbed. (this also doubles as a sad reminder that Legally Blonde — and the sequel — are leaving Netflix US on June 1)

In honor of #ThankUNextVideo , here's a throwback to doing her best impression of Jennifer Coolidge in Legally Blonde.

Regina King just proved my theory that everyone in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde is destined to win an Oscar. You’re next, !

Elle Woods is that you? Watch 's 'Legally Blonde' inspired video for "Sue Me." ▶️

Reese Witherspoon has announced they're making "Legally Blonde 3." Please make it be about Elle Woods joining Mueller's team.

Wow that was the longest flight eveerrrrr. Atleast I caught some zzz and watched legally blonde 1 and 2 haahahaah

Can I just draw everyone's attention to the fact that Legally Blonde is now THIRTEEN years old

Happy birthday, @tomhanks ! “Apollo 13,” “Forrest Gump,” “Cast Away,” “The Departed,” “Legally Blonde.” Thank you for lending me your DVDs.