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TODAY: Tune in at 3 p.m. EDT for a webinar on health and immigration detention amid the #COVID19  pandemic featuring medical and legal experts. Sponsored by PHR Asylum Network, @CornellLaw  Migration & Human Rights Program, & @engagedcornell . Register:

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The winner of the Civic Tech Challenge is... Juntos! Juntos aims to develop a network of pro-bono legal services for immigration cases across the country.

“The Trump administration is trying to bypass Congress and implement its own merit based-immigration system. It’s really a backdoor way of prohibiting low-income people from immigrating,” said Charles Wheeler of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc.

The EU Immigration Portal is the one-stop shop for all your legal #migration  needs. Know your rights, options, your benefits and begin to build your network. Research how #BlueCard  #Schengen  and #Visa  regulations work for you. #migrationEU  EU

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Asylum seekers in California awaiting their day in immigration court have an added benefit: A well-funded network of pro bono attorneys. The data show that having access to legal aid makes a huge difference in asylum cases.

The Seattle-King County Immigration Legal Defense Network has pushed back against ramped-up enforcement by the Trump administration.

The Koch network reinforces their position that they support citizenship for 1.8 million people. They don't love a full 25 billion for the border wall but would live with it. They don't like getting rid of the diversity lottery or reducing legal immigration, which trump wants

Plus this on Trump's Dreamers plan, from Koch Network's Hispanic-focused group: "..we cannot support arbitrary cuts to future legal immigration levels. We welcome a debate abt whether our current legal immigration policy properly balances family & skills-based migration.."

Leading the network evening newscasts: CBS/NBC: Tornadoes in New Orleans area; ABC: Legal showdown over immigration ban.