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#Rudy after Trump’s legal eagles apparently booked the wrong Four Seasons for it’s news conference on Saturday.

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US ELECTIONS 2020: President Trump unleashes his legal eagles in an attempt to nullify votes

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The judical system in Ireland... Suddenly our legal eagles seem more like headless chickens

Legal eagles criticise NCB as Rhea gets bail in drugs case

Good thing Oregon doesn't have a "Stand your ground " law. It does, however, allow "open carry ". A question for legal eagles : If someone with no identification assaults you, and tries to take you away in an unmarked car, are you legally allowed to shoot him? @lawfare 

Top legal eagles pay tribute to law icon Harry Elias, who died on Aug 26

| Two top legal eagles in Norma Gigaba's corner as she fights Hawks over husband Malusi's case

So here is where it stands. #SushantSinghRajputCase  is now a full blown legal fight between two top legal eagles. Satish ManeShinde vs Vikas singh. Did @Tweet2Rhea  cheat Sushant ? #SushantMysteryDeepens 

In Tips and Murmers today, the legal eagles acting as pandemic villains, a sad day for consultants, and Lauren Southern's new home.


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More details at 11p @FoxNews  @FoxNewsNight  with our legal eagles - and more from the White House.

This private prosecution of #BorisJohnson  is quite a lark! An idea which might catch on. Could thereby I privately prosecute #AlastairCampbell  and #TonyBlair  over the industrialised lying which led us into the canyon of horrors of #Iraq  War? Any legal eagles interested? #Brexit 

I have called a meeting of my legal eagles today to decide further action against TOI group

There is a new designer tender scam where tenders are designed to favour certain specified corporates. My legal eagles are getting me details. May intervene in courts through PIL.

I am holding my Legal Eagles conference today to consider whether we should move the court for cancelling the bail of TDK and Bambino given in NH case because of tampering with evidence, based on their cell phone records

My legal eagles now in Zurich located two accts of TDK & one of Buddhu. Chm of bank is my fmr Harvard student. So I will visit Swiss in Aug

Today in a conference of all legal eagles associated with me we will review Judge Murlidharan’s order on my PIL re: Sunanda Murder case

Yesterday in my conference with legal eagles it was decided to prosecute Rotten Tata on 2G, file PILs on GSTN and on Sunanda murder case.

NFL rules @Redskins  Chris Baker hit on Eagles QB Nick Foles was legal. He will not be fined. (pic via Wash Post)

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INFINITE H are legal eagles in 'Pretty' MV + listen to 'Fly Again'!

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