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Fellow trade unionist Lee Cheuk -yan has been imprisoned in Hong Kong today for engaging in peaceful protest. All those who care about freedom and democracy must cry out in protest at this appalling assault on trade unionists & human rights. @uksolidaritywi1 

UCI Track Cycling Nations Cup: Hong Kong’s Jessica Lee and Yeung Cho-yiu into finals, To Cheuk-hei awaits repechage, Law Tsz-chun crashes out

Shuttler Lee Cheuk-yiu’s Olympic dream hit by loss of Indian Open to Covid-19 pandemic but coach Tim He is confident of Tokyo ticket

Judge Woodcock just stopped reading out the sentences for the second case, the 8/31/19 protest, because the broadcast to the spillover galleries malfunctioned. She did suggest the sentences would not be concurrent, so Jimmy Lai and Lee Cheuk-yan could have more time tacked on

Representatives from The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Canada and Australia line up to observe the sentencing hearings of Hong Kong pro-democracy supporters, including Martin Lee and Lee Cheuk-yan, after they were found guilty of organising an unauthorised assembly in 2019

?? “We are proud of what we have done.” Hong Kong pro-democracy activists Lee Cheuk-yan, Jimmy Lai, Cyd Ho and others are appearing in court as they face charges related to unauthorized #HongKongProtests  in 2019. More: #香港

Complicated sentence, the gist of which is (I believe) Jimmy Lai and Lee Cheuk-yan get two months for the 8/31 protest added to their 8/18 sentences. Yeung Sum's sentence was suspended.

“We are proud of what we have done.” Hong Kong pro-democracy activists Lee Cheuk-yan, Jimmy Lai, Cyd Ho and others are appearing in court as they face charges related to unauthorized #HongKongProtests  in 2019 #香港

@ChloeLocw  Another facing several cases is long-time activist Lee Cheuk-yan, who told to @ChloeLocwday  as he went into court: "Though I have two sentencings today and two more trials to come I believe that if we walk together in Hong Kong for freedom and democracy, we will prevail. "

The maximum possible punishment for Jimmy Lai and activists Lee Cheuk-yan and Yeung Sum is 5 years in prison.


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As trade unionists and workers across the world we stand in #SolidarityWithHKUnion  #WeLoveFreedominHK . We call on the #HK  Government to respect labour & civil rights and release immediately unionist LEE Cheuk Yan + activists.

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As 9 more pro-democracy campaigners go on trial in Hong Kong, simply for practicing their universal right to peaceful protest, we stand in solidarity with them – incl. respected politician & Trade Union leader Lee Cheuk-yan who makes important points here:

I stand in solidarity with the @HongKongCTU , and their general secretary, Lee Cheuk-Yan, who is facing criminal charges for supporting democracy in Hong Kong. #SolidarityWithHKUnion 

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“We are exercising our rights and very clearly United Nations Human Rights Committee said that there’s no need to notify.” Hong Kong lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan speaks as he and other pro-democracy activists face charges of illegal protests last year #香港

"Where is the free speech? Which side are you on?" - Lee Cheuk-yan, co-founder of the Hong Kong Labour Party, tells @yveyong  he was not satisfied with Zoom's explanation surrounding why several pro-democracy activists had their accounts suspended... #TheWorld 

@zoom_us  must not kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party by silencing pro-democracy activists critical of the regime in Beijing. Lee Cheuk Yan, a #HongKong  leader who testified in the Senate last week, had his account shuttered.

Zoom suspended the accounts of U.S.-based activists Zhou Fengsuo and Wang Dan and Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Lee Cheuk-Yan at the request of the Chinese government.

Hong Kong police on Thursday notified Jimmy Lai, Lee Cheuk-yan, Albert Ho Chun-yan and Richard Tsoi Yiu-cheong, that they will face charges for holding an unauthorized vigil to commemorate the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen crackdown, which was forbidden this year for the first time.

24 MEPs from four different political groups criticize the HKSAR repression against Jimmy Lai, Lee Cheuk Yan and Yeung Sum in a common letter to Carrie Lam. #StandWithHongKong