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Remains found in Lebanon identified as man that went missing in 2017

🗓 The #USSR  and #Lebanon  established diplomatic relations in August 1944. Our countries maintain friendly relations RULB#Russia  advocates for the unity, territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Lebanon.

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Lebanon foreign minister resigns in protest at crisis management #vanguardnews 

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"What’s happening in Lebanon is the death spiral of the country’s post-civil war order. Nobody—least of all the Lebanese themselves—knows what comes next," FP's @stevenacook  writes.

Lebanon foreign minister resigns in protest at crisis management

From 'Lebanon's family reunion/dinner to the 1-2-3 punch of the Season 2 premiere, here are the stories only #Supernatural  could pull off

Wild, this pic appears to be two Israeli drones over southern #Lebanon  earlier. IL

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In Lebanon, "Facebook barter groups have sprung up, with people seeking to exchange whatever they have, in order to secure what they so desperately need: fancy dresses for baby formula; a set of drinking glasses for a bag of rice," writes @warghetti 

Between 'God & Lucifer': Preacher sees another apocalyptic sign in lebanon'>Israel-Lebanon border clashes


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"I'm scared. I'm scared; they might kill me." In chilling messages, a domestic worker in Lebanon details her abuse. Hours later, her body was discovered in a car park under her employers' home

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This woman’s 15-month-old son was scared when protesters surrounded their car in Lebanon. So the protesters started singing “Baby Shark” to calm him.

Most coronavirus deaths. China: 3176 Italy: 1016 Iran: 429 Spain: 87 South Korea: 67 France: 61 US: 41 Japan: 17 UK: 10 Iraq: 8 Switzerland: 7 Germany: 6 Netherlands: 5 San Marino: 5 Philippines: 5 Belgium: 3 Australia: 3 Hong Kong: 3 Lebanon: 3 Egypt: 2 Algeria: 2

We are gathered together on this solemn occasion to fulfill our most reverent and sacred duty. 35 years ago, 241 American service members were murdered in the terrorist attack on our Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Today, we honor our fallen heroes...

Trump to block visas to anyone from Iran Iraq Libya Somalia Sudan Syria Yemen 9/11 bombers from Saudi Arabia 15 UAE 2 Egypt 1 Lebanon 1

Iranians will consider US killing soleimani an act of war. A proxy war could erupt. Likely in iraq, but also a danger in lebanon and israel. This is a big escalation.

UPDATE: On my way back from Lebanon. People there are shaking their heads as Trump still refuses to send congressionally mandated security aid. Lebanon may become the next Ukraine or Kurds. Let me tell you how dangerous this moment is. It’s important and you need to know.

Beautiful MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN rally in Lebanon, Ohio. Thank you! #ICYMI , watch here:

A small sign of solidarity. I chose to wear a gown by a designer from a majority Muslim country. Thanks to of Lebanon. #Oscars 

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And Lebanon and Baghdad and Beirut and Mexico and the rest of the entire world. You're in my prayers no matter where you are. I'm so sorry.