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While it’s been a calm fire season in B.C., smoke from U.S. wildfires reminds us this region is far from immune. As @CBCgreg  reports, there are lessons to be learned from the fires south of the border.

‘You had to dress like a man’: Five lessons Citi’s first female CEO learned over her 32-year career via @FinancialNews 

Lessons from Teach For All - sustainable development happens when the people closest to the developing context drive and own the process and when people in these communities are exposed to what’s working and what’s been learned in other similar contexts

Join us on Monday, September 21 at 3pm ET for "Female Founders and Lessons Learned from the Crisis." This seminar will feature guest speakers @6Gems , @debbieblox  and @LisaSkeeteTatum . Register here:

Europe — which suffered terribly early in the pandemic and seemed to have learned hard lessons — is backsliding. Cases in France and Spain are even outpacing those in the U.S.

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As a second wave of coronavirus sweeps across France, medics say the lessons learned from earlier in the year are leading to changes in how they treat patients now

Thinking of this moving msg from a friend & ex-colleague who said lovely things abt lessons learned during our time together, incl. on prioritising one's principles and well-being 💜 At some point will have to admit to her the many times I've failed spectacularly on the latter...

“We have at Health Canada been collecting all of the lessons learned (about COVID-19),” Health Minister Patty Hajdu says. We'll be living with COVID-19 until “we have a blend of therapeutics and vaccines."

He also of course has a lot of experience building a product’s cultural impact and has learned countless lessons!

4 Lessons learned the hard way. Listen! I'm talking about things that I know. *amreading *Ian1

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No lessons learned from the Nizamuddin Markaz misadventure.A large crowd gathered in Murshidabad Distt. West Bengal for the Friday namaz openly violating #lockdown  #socialdistancing  with no masks. Are these people exempted from all rules?

🎉 Happy 7 Years @BTS_twt ! 🎉 Here are 7 life lessons we've learned from these 7 humans in honor of their 7th anniversary. 💜 #7ToEternityWithBTS  #BTS7thAnniversary 

No time wasted. Just lessons learned.

We are going through hell. When this is all over, I want people to say, we went through hell but we learned lessons and we built a better society because of it.

@LAY_zhang_  opens up about writing his most personal song, the lessons he learned from his grandma, sharing his culture with the world, and his 2020 goal #ZhangYixingGrandma  #ZhangYixing  #ZhangYixing 外婆 外婆

For ELLE's April issue, is sharing 30 lessons she learned before turning 30. "I need to be able to forgive myself for making the wrong choice, trusting the wrong person, or figuratively falling on my face in front of everyone,” she writes.

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@jaketapper  takes a look at how Republican lawmakers will be judged for how they handle Pres. Trump. He says they should remember lessons learned from how Joseph McCarthy’s contemporaries handled him. #CNNSOTU 

When a plane crashes, air travel becomes exponentially safer bc of the lessons learned. But 1 mass shooting after another...nothing.

Based on the hysterical reaction to Trump’s speech, I conclude Trump’s critics haven’t learned the lessons of 2015/2016. They continue to dismiss Trump, ignoring the tens of millions who love the flag, displays of patriotism and the military. They’re blinded by hatred to Trump.

Shutdown Schumer caved-military paychecks saved; @POTUS  holds-Schumer folds. Lessons learned-Schumer burned; Build the wall-or lose it all.