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#DNA | America's double-character on #COVID19  vaccine! Watch how America's ungratefulness is affecting India and what we should learn from it @sudhirchaudhary 

The jurors who held the fate of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in their hands took their job so seriously that to protect the process they didn't learn one another's names, jobs, family ties or personal interests, an alternate juror says.

Long time TCSer & COO, N. G. Subramaniam, fondly called NGS, and CMO, @rajashreeanand , discuss how #Buildingonbelief ’ translates to the new outlook of our brand. Check out the first episode to learn NGS’ first impressions on our new brand statement and more - #OneTCS 

Later today, around 40 former post office workers will learn if their convictions will be quashed by the Court of Appeal. One sub-postmistress affected tells #BBCBreakfast  the impact it has had on her ⤵️

🥡 Join our next #foodtogo  #webinar  and learn "How #Picadeli  is shaping the future of healthy food to go". 📅 April 27th at 4pm CET. Register now:

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Microsoft has adapted its traineeship for military personnel, allowing our partners to support our veterans after years of service while tapping into a highly skilled and diverse talent pool. Learn about becoming a host employer:

To celebrate #ShakespeareDay , we've opened the #Shakespeare  Meme#Competition  2021! We're encouraging secondary students to use a line from one of Shakespeare’s works to create a #meme . Learn more:

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Other crusading stars can learn something from the fallout of Demi Lovato’s blood feud with a fro-yo shop.

Fitch believes that consistent standards to determine what constitutes a green #securitisation  and better data reporting will support market growth by allowing investors to identify and analyse the transactions. Learn more

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This is Delancey Walton and she is running for a position on Pittsburgh Public School’s – school board. Learn more about what she plans to do if elected. >>

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All these folks worried about erasing history when the Confederate statues come down will be thrilled to learn about the existence of books.

Republicans should have gotten rid of Section 230 in the Defense Bill, and you wouldn’t have had this problem. Never learn!!!

Trump's allies slam Mitch McConnell for congratulating Biden via . Mitch, 75,000,000 @mailonlinees '>VO @MailOnlineES , a record for a sitting President (by a lot). Too soon to give up. Republican Party must finally learn to fight. People are angry!

You get knocked down 100 times, you get up 100 times, you learn 100 lessons.

I got a request from Sky Brown to help her learn @Elliotsloan’s “Mega” ramp. I hadn’t done it for a few years so it was a good excuse to relearn while helping her. Here’s the video I shot of her first & THIRD attempts (there was an airbag below) Full edit:

"People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love..."

Tomorrow I learn how to jop with @SuperM . Yesterday I didn’t even know what that was.

Someone learned how to upload a video... maybe now he should learn how to use logic ha you ain't shit but a faker

bday week. wish the world would learn to believe in the goodness in people and be kind to one another. together we can change the world :)

In life u will make mistakes and people will try and tear u down...but u gotta stay positive. Stay strong..and learn to be better..and..