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Colorado Democratic House and Senate leadership lay out special session priorities

By the time the last prisoner was executed, nearly half of the majority-Black Fort Pillow garrison lay dead. The massacre caused a sensation in the North and was at once the Civil War’s most lurid atrocity and the one that everyone knew about.

Not just EU that faces race to ratify any deal. In this piece @Brigid_Fowler  of Hansard Society explains options as⁩ “Unless parliament sits Fridays and Christmas, it’s too late for UK to lay deal for the 21-sitting day scrutiny period undr Crag Act

#TheSaturdayDebate : Are urban planners making cities unlivable? One expert argues the policies of urban planners are making life increasingly more difficult for people, while the other argues it is unfair to lay the blame solely on urban planners.

In 90 seconds, 14 people lay dead and mortally wounded on the field and banks of Croke Park and on the streets outside. This day last week, 100 years on, we paused to remember them all: the 14 who went to a match, and never came home. #B100dySunday 

Disney to lay off 4,000 more employees amid pandemic

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Many modern sharks lay their eggs in places known as shark nurseries. A new report suggests the same was true of prehistoric megalodons

Disney to lay off 4,000 more employees amid pandemic #7News 

Chile and China are strategic partners with a long history of cooperation, trust and high-level exchanges, all of which lay the groundwork for strong future bilateral ties, says former president


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It’s ANTIFA and the Radical Left. Don’t lay the blame on others!

1. There’s an insurrection taking place now.  Anarchy. The governors must send in the National Guard. The president must now lay the legal predicate for potentially sending in the regular military.

The first @AllBlacks  haka of #RWC2019 . New Zealandlay down the challenge to South Africa with intimidating haka #NZLvRSA 

Cmon guys , just lay off on the chases today please , been a long day so far, just wana relax and enjoy the city with my friends , thank you

Surprising no one, United will lay off its workers after receiving a $5 billion taxpayer-funded bailout. Bail out people. Not corporations.

I would dig a thousand holes.. To lay next to you.

#EXO ’ #LAY  an #NCT127  to participate in a tribute project as a representative of Asia’s singer in honor of Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday! Please look forward to the first single tribute to Michael Jackson, ‘Let’s Shut Up and Dance,’ which will feature LAY and NCT 127!

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@guitarboyhoran every time I lay down it just starts ..

. & lay down the "Mic Drop" in a new clip ahead of their upcoming remix feat.