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Russia calls on nations neighboring Afghanistan not to host US or NATO military forces after their pullout from the country — Russian FM Sergei Lavrov Follow our Telegram

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#URGENT | Lavrov: Terrorists disguised as Afghan refugees trying to get into neighbouring countries

BEAC countries adopt 2025 Plan of Action on Climate Change — Lavrov:

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RUNO Russia's lavrov'>Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov & Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Anniken Huitfeldt took part in the solemn wreath-laying ceremony at the Soviet Soldiers' Memorial in Tromsø, dedicated to the fallen Red Army heroes 🕯️ who fought the Nazis during World War II.

Lavrov calls for 'security consultations' with Norway

@john_sipher  Lavrov's daughter graduated Columbia, the college that actively promotes in its curriculum the liberal democratic values Lavrov decries, so not at all. Indeed, we need a thorough re-think of the idea that studying at Western institutions would somehow "make them more like us "

MEHWAR: Lavrov's Remarks in Moscow Meeting Discussed #TOLOnews 

Islamic Emirate delegates led by PM Deputy Abdul Salam Hanafi in Moscow met with Russian FM Sergey Lavrov and discussed bilateral relations and regional stability, the foreign ministry spox said, adding that Russia assured the Afghan side of cooperation in the future. #TOLOnews 

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Russia's lavrov'>Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called for more efforts to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan at the start of a fresh round of talks on the crisis there.

Lavrov Calls for Inclusive Afghan Govt #TOLOnews 


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Third, Biden and Putin will first meet almost alone, but with a "notetaker" on each side, Secretary Blinken and Foreign Minister Lavrov. Good. The Biden administration needs a good record of the event, and Blinken knows cold almost all of the issues that might come up. 3/

"Was he fired? You are kidding!" – Russian Foreign Minister SergeiLavrov asked in US about ex-FBI chief James Comey

Today we talked of probable reforms of the United Nations & India is a strong nominee to become a permanent member of UN Security Council & we support India's candidacy. We believe it can become a full-fledged member of the Security Council: Russian Foreign Minister SergeiLavrov

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NEW: @Sec Pompeo warned Russian foreign minister Lavrov in July 13 call about Russia's bounties on US troops in Afghanistan. Trump calls US intel on the bounties a “hoax.” Pompeo was livid over the issue, but keeps quiet about the call. w/ @EricSchmittNYT .

Lavrov wouldn’t know about a bounty program let alone have any influence over its operations. That’s not how the Russian system works. The warning must come from Trump to Putin or it’s useles. But Trump still calls this threat to US troops a hoax. Awful.

Trump’s buddy Putin put a price on American heads in Afghanistan? After Lavrov yukked it up with Trump in the Oval Office? No wonder they want Trump re-elected.

"Mike Pompeo met lavrov'>Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Munich on Friday in an encounter the American side apparently wanted to keep under wraps." "The State Dept made no announcement of the meeting, which took place in Lavrov's own dedicated meeting room."

Mike Pompeo met Russian Foreign Minister SergeyLavrov on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Friday in an encounter the American side apparently wanted to keep under wraps

Russian FM released its readout of the phone call between Russian FM Sergey Lavrov and Secretary Mike Pompeo. In statement posted on the ministry’s website, Lavrov said killing of Qasem Soleimani “flagrantly violates the principles of international law and deserves condemnation."