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I’m not sure how you can suck at doing laundry, but apparently I do and was shown a new way to do it. Has any other man experienced this ? It’s laundry.

Signs of extreme sleep deprivation: . I looked around the living room... . Kids playing. TV blaring. Toys rattling. Laundry tumbling. Oven alarm beeping. And suddenly I thought... . WHERE’S THE BABY????” . And ... I’m nursing him. . 🤦🏼‍♀️

"Unnecessary luxuries like showering or laundry are at the bottom of the list for energy need priorities. We shower once or twice a week, using push-button showers to limit how much water we use."

This week: Peering into the heart of wildfires, the return of race science, laundry and microplastics, submarines for your bloodstream and oxygen for airplanes Week#ThisWeek  #Science  #ScienceWeek 

People love girl's 'iconic' Christmas list including laundry detergent and $4,000

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I left the room for maybe two minutes, and one of nature’s great forces took effect: A white cat was drawn to clean, dark laundry. #Caturday 

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You'll never look at laundry the same way again.


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She Say, “Do U Love Me?” I Tell Her “Only Partly” , I Only Love My Gym ,And My Tan, And My Laundry ...... #GuidosPlan 

A stunning admission from José Mourinho - The infamous laundry basket story was true! Here's how he got away with it... #beINMourinho  #beINPL 

does anything make you feel as awesome and super human as when you carry all your laundry through the house without dropping a single sock

This racist laundry detergent ad from China will leave you speechless.

My wife: “Why didn’t you fold the laundry?” Me: “Stop with your Republican talking points!”

taking an uberX and carrying my laundry to our O2 show tonight. something doesn't feel right.

Ran around the house naked today until I dried off because nO body does the laundry and we have no towels...

I’ve partnered with @Tide  to make sure you know, Tide PODs are for doing laundry. Nothing else!