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WATCH: The women of 'In the Heights’ on the importance of authentic Latinx representation on the big screen.

The most hysterical thing about the #InTheHeights  situation, though, is that in a delicious bit of irony, despite its supposed diversity bona fides, the film has come under attack from wokesters for its lack of ‘Afro-Latinx’ representation. - @MPMActingCo 

The film version of the hit Broadway musical #InTheHeights , includes latinx'>Afro-Latinx performers only in background and dance roles. Co-creator Lin-Manuel Miranda says he is "learning from the feedback."

In a Twitter post on Tuesday evening, “In The Heights” co-creator Lin-Manuel Miranda publicly addressed criticisms of the film's casting, which have noted that only light-skinned actors were cast in the roles of the musical's main Latinx characters.

Many social media users have called out the film, stating its lack of dark-skinned latinx'>Afro Latinx actors does not accurately represent the real-life Washington Heights community.

Plus! @franifio  takes on America’s hypocrisy when it comes to regulating other countries and why we should keep our enemies, er, China and Russia, close, and California@SenAlexPadilla  is pretty blunt about how Dems are royally screwing up the Latinx vote

PwC announces a $12 billion plan to recruit 100,000 people and train 25,000 Black and Latinx students over 5 years

PwC promises to hire 10,000 Black and Latinx employees over 5 years

“In The Heights” is getting criticized on social media for having very few latinx'>Black Latinx lead actors.


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A U.S. Army officer filed a federal civil lawsuit against police officers who pepper-sprayed and assaulted him. Lt. Caron Nazario, of Latinx and African American descent, alleges that his constitutional rights were violated and race played a role.

‘F*ck this music. It sucks. You’re in America.’ — This Trump supporter berated a Latinx family for playing music while barbecuing in a park

BREAKING: We reached a settlement with CBP for illegally detaining two US citizens for speaking Spanish in Montana. During our litigation, we obtained alarming texts degrading Latinx people and video confirming that agents regularly racially profile. We MUST end these abuses.

On this Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honor the memory of the at least 37 transgender or gender-nonconforming people killed this year—the majority of whom were Black and Latinx transgender women. Today and every day we must recommit to ending this epidemic. #TDOR 

At least 267 Black, Latinx, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern and North African women are running for the House and Senate, shattering 2018's numbers.

One year ago 23 lives were cut short in El Paso—the deadliest attack against the Latinx community in recent American history. An attack fueled by the flames of hate and division. Gun violence is a national emergency in our country. It must be treated as such. #ElPasoStrong 

North Carolina: This lady called police on two black & latinx residents because she didn’t recognize them — and did so because she “knows everyone who lives in the neighborhood.” They lived there...

It’s been four years since 49 lives—mostly Latinx—were taken at #PulseNightclub  in the deadliest attack on the LGBTQ+ community in our nation’s history. The pain and the sorrow from that day still runs deep. We must commit to fighting against hate & gun violence in their memory.

Another Latinx win for us: @BTS_twt  dancing to @Camila_Cabello’s “Havana” ?

Kobe Bryant thanking his Latinx fans and the Latinx community for embracing him, en español?? #RIPMAMBA