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Watch: Biggest B-town voice on Sushant, @AnupamPKher  pays touching tribute to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput on @thenewshour  with Navika Kumar. Excerpts of I-Day special interview at 9 PM on TIMES NOW. | #TimeNowForCBIForSSR 

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Flashback Friday and I have no idea what I was doing here in the late 1980’s. #fbf  #FlashbackFriday  #1980s 

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New York’s health agency is walking back a recent statement by the state’s top health official, who had cast doubt on reports from nurses about dire shortages of protective gear at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in late March and early April.

We have learnt some tough lessons in the year 2020. The invisible virus has demolished the illusion that human being is the master of nature. I believe, it is still not too late for humanity to correct its course and live in harmony with nature: President Ram Nath Kovind

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Chicago restaurants struggle to stanch losses as they hold out for insurance coverage. ‘We’re just hoping it’s not too little too late.'

Friday's Tell The Maven: Name the railway engineer who also was a fine hockey player. His nickname was "The Human Locomotive." (HINT: He often was late for training camp because he was running the railroad trains.)

@ckrewson  Newspapers. At the Scranton (Pa) Times-Tribune - until at least the late 90s - employees could choose an annual Christmas gift from the paper. Choices included a carton of cigarettes, or a bottle of cheap whiskey.


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Crazy Nancy Pelosi said I made a mistake when I banned people from infected China from entering the U.S. in January. Tens of thousands of lives were saved, as she danced in the Streets of Chinatown (SF) in late February. Biden agreed with her, but soon admitted that I was right!

Rep @Ocasio2018 : "I do not need Rep. Yoho to apologize to me. Clearly he does not want to. Clearly when given the opportunity he will not & I will not stay up late at night waiting for an apology from a man who has no remorse over calling women & using abusive language towards women."

Why did the W.H.O. Ignore an email from Taiwanese health officials in lateDecember alerting them to the possibility that CoronaVirus could be transmitted between humans? Why did the W.H.O. make several claims about the CoronaVirus that ere either inaccurate or misleading....

I used to think goin to sleep late was cool. Till i realized wakin up early is the real boss shit.

Very late to the party but wow six years of us!! still so many more to come I've never been part of something so amazing

In an illegal late night coup, Nevada’s clubhouse Governor made it impossible for Republicans to win the state. Post Office could never handle the Traffic of Mail-In Votes without preparation. Using Covid to steal the state. See you in Court!

Know it's late but thankyou for everyone's bday messages means a lot ! Big love x

Other Democrat run Cities and States should look at the total shutdown of Radical Left Anarchists in Minneapolis last night. The National Guard did a great job, and should be used in other States before it is too late!

a lil’ gem of a secret, my character Maui was partly inspired by my late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia of Samoa. #grateful