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Always hate to disagree with Paul, but I'm not using Larry Summers as a stand-in for all economists here! Economists in *this* administration tell me there's a difference between the weight Biden puts on their advice and the way Obama and Clinton engaged, and I believe them.

Mostly this seems right, but "not listening to Larry Summers" is not the same as "not listening to economists." The really big difference with Biden is the reduced influence of Wall Street and the Very Serious People 1/

In which @greg_ip  also picks up the funny irony that Larry Summers would have been the perfect spokesman for Bidenomics if he'd just chilled out for 10 minutes.

@JWMason1  notes centrality of hysteresis to "new macro" or "post neoliberalism" or Bidenomics. I would note the irony that the hysteresis concept was first developed in 1986 by @ojblanchard1  and Larry Summers, who are often labeled neoliberals.

“The Republicans don’t know how to push back. The most effective pushback of Biden’s whole infrastructure relief plan has been from [Obama alum] Larry Summers,” @JamesCarville  tells @MollyJongFast  . “Intellectually, they’ve just lost their footing.”

More thoughts on the March jobs report -- it's very good news. Continuing evidence of a productivity uptick -- should calm Larry Summers and other inflation worriers

...which is to say, Larry Summers could have actually been the perfect intellectual spokesman for Bidenomics if he’d just chilled the fuck out for 20 minutes instead of going on about potential overheating. Oops.

Six more months of this, and I will start to think that maybe Larry Summers and Olivier Blanchard have a point with their fears that perhaps Biden’s $1.9 trillion Rescue plan was a bit too large to be optimal: Kate Bahn & Carmen Sanchez Cumming: Equita...

@jeannasmialek  @LH SummersL @ojblanchard1arry  Summers should never be listened to on any issue ever again. "Larry Summers and the Subversion of Economics "

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We need to vaccinate millions, open schools safely, and get relief to families. President Biden says, "[i]t’s people’s lives. Real, live people are hurting, and we can fix it.” We're lucky he's in charge and not the GOP gleefully quoting Larry Summers as an excuse to do nothing.

The problem isn't that Larry Summers was right once and is wrong now. The problem is that so many people told him he was right when he was wrong before that he thinks that he remains right even though he is still wrong now.

After generations of flat wages, COVID is a grease fire burning up what's left of family finances. Millions are out of work. Over 1k die daily. But we're getting an endless loop of Larry Summers lecturing us on why it's responsible to let Americans suffer. Newsflash: It's not.

I just debated Larry Summers, again, over overheating and all that, for Fareed Zakaria. Not going to try and spin it; watch for yourself. Also, debating people who are neither idiots nor political hacks is weird, and will take getting used to. But I do have some meta thoughts 1/

"$2,000 checks would be a pretty serious mistake." Former larry summers'>Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says larger stimulus checks to Americans could risk overheating the economy

Lots of people are dunking on Larry Summers today, and in my view rightly so; this piece by Jordan Weissman seems especially on point. Yes, a rescue package this size could lead to overheating, but how bad is that? 1/

Whatever dynamic has led to Larry Summers having to scream his bad advice at Biden from outside the White House is a good one, and I hope the administration continues ignoring it.

11 years ago, the WaPo asked some writers to nominated one thing we would like to banish from the future. I chose Larry Summers - and I honestly can't believe it's still relevant

Maybe if Bill Clinton hadn't had Larry Summers destroy Russia's economy & turn democracy to oligarchy, US-Russia relations would be better.